Oh, woe is me! Credit card bill has come in...HELP!

  1. Oh, no! A bunch of big expenses, including my cat's asthma and, yes, a couple of B Bags, has resulted in a MAMMOTH credit card statement this month.

    I'm on the list for two bags -- a cafe twiggy soon and an anthracite city next month.

    The responsible thing to do would be to take myself off the list for at least one, if not both. If I do this, I'll dump the twiggy since I have a rouille twiggy already and a marron first (similar color).

    I don't want to, but I think I should. I'll be in big trouble if I don't.

    What do you think I should do? Is it possible to rationalize my way into TWO more bags when I know I have a problem? And if I'm dumping a bag, am I dumping the right one? I have the Marron First, Rouille Twiggy and Greige First already.

    Maybe I should pass on the Cafe Twiggy for now and wait for the Anthracity (ooh, a new b-word!). If I don't fall in love with the Anthracity, I'll probably still have time to get the Cafe Twiggy.

    HELP! I need advice!
  2. Do you have any bags you don't love that you can sell?
    I just splurged on a b-bag today that I really couldn't afford at this time... so I came home and immediately listed a Chloe paddy on eBay!
  3. No, I don't!!!:crybaby:

    B-bags are my only sellable indulgence and I only have those three. :sick:
  4. aww...seeing that you have a twiggy already i think getting the anthracity is def. the right move (great b-word btw!) (apart from a clutch the city is the only b-bag i have now and it's such a good size! you'd love it not doubt esp. in such a HOT 07 colour!)
  5. If the cafe is a pre-collection color and the anthracite is a collection color, then the cafe comes in a couple months ahead of the anthracite, right? I would stay on the wait list for both (if this is the case) and see what the cafe looks like. If you don't love it - don't buy it or return it, and then wait for the anthracite. I hope that makes sense!

    I hope your cat is doing better.
  6. I would not, for a second, choose a bag over having money in my acct/preventing myself from going into debt. I just don't think it would EVER be worth it, no matter the circumstances. JMO; I hope you figure it out! That is a tough situation.
  7. yeah, I would just get the anthracity (haha!) -do what you gotta do to make bbags a happy part of your finances, not a worrywort!
  8. Thank you, S&N. She is doing much better. I have her on an inhaler twice a day, and she's gone without an attack for quite awhile. But in NYC, vets are incredibily expensive, and it cost just about 1K for chest x-rays and then going into her lungs to do a culture on the fluid there. Poor kitty.

    But she's very happy now. She's not the one who put a tooth hole in my greige first -- that was the other one.
  9. Aw yes, I forgot to say in my post - I hope your kitty gets better soon. I know how stressful sick pets can be :s
  10. Whatever you do, don't get yourself further into debt. Unexpected emergencies always come up, and having money in your bank account is far more important than a handbag. Once you're in the clear with the money you owe, you could always seek out the bags again, or as is always the case with me, by that time you will already have another bag that you want.
  11. Gosh, the lung culture thing does not sound like a pleasant experience. I am glad she's happy now. Please give her a good rub behind the ears for me. She's lucky to have you!
  12. I vote for the Anthracite! ( holy cow, I was going to spell it anthrax:nuts: :p )

    Highgloss, I feel for your cat, I have asthma and is not fun!
  13. highglossfinish, one of my cat, Tiramisu, has an asthma, too. I did the oral meds and inhaler but her asthma is more seasonal and allergic, like mommy's. I invested on many air cleaner stuff and vacuuming often that it is well under control that she is doing fine without meds for the last couple years. I know, vet bills and meds can get way expensive!!! But all for the love of our furry babies.

    As for Bbags, maybe I would wait on the Cafe twiggy...
  14. Thank you all for your wise counsel. I will love the bags I have, pass on the cafe twiggy for now, and hope I'm ready for Anthracity when she comes.

    THANKS!!!!! I was feeling pretty low, and now I feel much better.

    And thank you, too, for your kind wishes and advice for my beautiful Simone. Her health and comfort mean more to me than any bag.
  15. IMHO, I would probably go with the Anthracite......but I do agree with some of the others....nothing is worth getting in DEEP financial strain.

    Good luck!!