Oh why Oh why did DH say that!!!!

  1. The words I could not believe he uttered. From my most enabling enabler....from the one who nourished my desires and made me contemplate the possibilites. He said the words I was unprepared to read.... "maybe you should get something else and not HERMES, lets look at some other designers."


    As many of you already know my sweet DH made the suggestion that I need more purses (4 more actually! 2 down and 2 to go!). After going through a crazy lusting for Louis Vuitton I was prepared to decrease the LV collection in order to INCREASE the Hermes funds! So of course the ineviable consequence was a drastic decrease of purses in my closet. So off I go in my quest in finding my desired lovelies. What color? What size? Leather? Hardware? Should I try a Lindy? How about a Bombay? Can I pull of an Evalyn? How about another GPT? Oh but I need another Kelly! Maybe another Kelly?! All of these questions going through my mind.

    TODAY of ALLLL days I emailed DH a particular lovely lovely picture of a very lovely colored Lindy....and he said it (well typed it)...those words! Oh I am so depressed! He has never been an "UNABLER"...now I have to go through the rest of the day until he gets home to ask him "WHY"?? Am I taking this wrong? Maybe it was just an innocent suggestion? Or maybe he doesnt want me to get overwhelmed and lose interest. I guess I have to be patient and wait for him.:sad:
  2. I guess I don't understand what he said??
  3. Just not make a big deal out of it, find out if it just was an innocent reply, if not, tell him that after him saying yes, yes, yes for so long you have a hard time suddenly hearing no, no, no.

    on another note, your hubbys previously interest in you getting more bags is WONDERFULL, perhaps bottling that and selling it to all those of us who's SO is not so supportive of the bags made in heaven!!!
  4. Get something else and not Hermes...get another designer...
  5. I bet you lovely DH had your best interests at heart simplyprincess. Maybe he thought some of the other designers could offer you something a bit different to fill the gap in your closet.
    As you say, he is one of your best enablers (Bless him!!), so I bet it was an innocent and well meant comment.
  6. Maybe he just didn't like the style Lindy that much (just a thought, because it would be a new one for you). Can't you email back and ask him why he suggested other designers? Doesn't he know that once you go to Hermes there is no going back!?!
  7. my husband doesn't like the lindy style. he might just need to see it in person.
  8. He has always been such a wonderful enabler. Most of the time whenever I asked his opinion it was always answered with a sincere reply. He has never discouraged me. I think that was the biggest shock...
  9. I was thinking of emailing him or calling but I know if he is busy in a meeting it might work against me.

    I'm leaning torward him maybe not liking the Lindy??
  10. glad to hear that your husband is honest with you. i'm sure if you explain to him that you appreciate hermes, he would understand and support you. he's been so supportive thus far! whatever makes you happy also makes him happy.
  11. I see what you mean, it might be best to wait until he gets home tonight.
    I do think that the Lindy may not be the most attractive style to men. It is extremely stylish and awfully versatile and useful, but because it isn't what men are used to seeing from Hermes pieces they might not be able to appreciate it. Hopefully you will be able to square all of this with him because of course he wants you to have the highest quality pieces and that means Hermes...so there is no going backwards. I will look forward to looking in on this thread when I get back tonight and hopefully he will have explained it all, :smile:.

  12. just talk to him tonight after dinner or something. men don't like being interrupted for stuff like this.
  13. I think guccigal is right and you will have to wait till tonight:wtf: to ask him. Does he think you only want another Hermes if you get a different style, and maybe the Lindy is the only other option? Maybe he should go woth you to see you try it on? What a wonderful DH you have! He enables! He uses the word "designer"!
  14. :flowers:

    Try not to worry,
    and wait until he gets home ( he may be having a hassled day at work)