oh which agenda shall it be???

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  1. Hey Ladies i am needing some advice on agendas...i have been searching n looking thru all the posts and still i just can't decide! it is either the Amarante vernis or Cassis epi or damier canvas...see as soon as i saw the Amarante vernis one i feel in love! how can you not...but im scared to even think of using it... it might be scratched or wrecked easily?...are the other ones a better agenda to get? i know the other ones to me seem dull n boring where as the other is sooo eye catching...please let me hear opnions! ty
  2. The Amarante or the vernis lets just say is a lot more durable than most give it credit for; simply put, it's very stunning indeed. The Epi is extremely durable and cassis is yummy. You definitely can't go wrong with either one of this piece. Good luck.
  3. ^^Oops, I forgot to mention that I have a violette 4-keyholder I use everyday for almost 1 year now and still looks exactly the same as the day I took him home from boutique.
  4. Amarante vernis is, sadly, a fingerprint magnet. So I vote for the cassis epi.
  5. I vote for the Cassis Epi! I love purple :yes:
    Vernis is indeed very durable (I also have a 4 key holder that I use every day, and it still looks new except a dirt mark on the inside where my keys sit), but I can't handle the fingerprints on the Amarante. It's a gorgeous color, but I can't stand the idea that I'll have to rub off the fingerprints every time I touch it :Push:
  6. I love the vernis one and I have the violet vernis. I love it!
  7. Cassis epi gets my vote. I have the mandarin epi agenda and it is probably my most used piece. It's in my hands at least a dozen times a day. I got it at the end of 2006 and it still looks fabulous!
  8. Tough choice, but I am leaning towards the Epi cassis for its great durability!
  9. I love the amarante vernis, but the fingerprints would drive me crazy. I think the Epi Cassis would be a great choice and so cheerful!
  10. amarante - that color is just too gorgeous!
  11. I don't own any Vernis piece, but I own an Epi agenda.. I think Epi is much durable than Vernis..my Agenda passed through 2 owners (I'm the third) and it looks new!
  12. I suggest the damier canvas, gotta love the red lining inside.
  13. i own an amarante small planner and i love it! yes, there are fingerprints, so if they are going to really bother u, go for something else. ive learned to live with them and they really dont bother me - its most noticeable when its pristine and u get the first few fingerprints on it. and i think its very durable! when people say it "scratches", they are not deep scratches or anything u can feel. more like tiny lines u can see if u turn the piece back and froth under the light and really look for them. i guess for those of us who are utter perfectionists, this could be annoying, but i love it and think vernis is a very durable line.
  14. get Armante!
  15. go with what you love:smile:..l have a bronze vernis agenda, and wallet...new to me, they were in good condition, and 6yrs old......l use them a lot.....so far so good......l have also just bought pomme accessories new , and l'm just going to use.......l decided my luxury goods are owning me kwim :smile: