Oh where oh where is the KELLY FAIRY!!!

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  1. Its funny how love can strike us at anytime of the day. All day and all night I prowled TPF looking at all the lovely pictures of lucky ladies and their Kellys. Wondering if I was being so biase and only wanting Birkins. Am I a Kelly girl? Will I be able to pull her off?? So again I prowled,... looking, searching, wanting. I see a black kelly, a Gris kelly, a fuschia kelly,....how much can I take! Then I stepped back...do I need a Kelly? How can I justify it? Will DH be upset that now I want something else? OK OK now how do i justify it??? So went my weekend, then went my Monday. Thinking about how, oh how can I get one. So I called my cosignment boutique..."Mrs.C can you please sell several of my Louis Vuittons?" Well Mrs.C was more then happy to sell them. I havent used my LE Louis since my new-found love of Hermes. OH OH by George she sold 3!!! OK I have 4 to go! Do I feel bad? NOPE! I want my Kelly! So I waited...should I call my SA? Let her know what I was looking for? Damn coffee! It's making me jumpy. I want now! I want it I want it! DH calls, "So what are you doing?" Should I tell him? Better not since he went out of his way to get my Etoupe JPG. "Oh nothing, just looking on TPF..." Humm? Did that sound convincing? OK conversation ended, no sign of DH suspecting anything. Maybe I should call my SA now??? OK calling SA!

    So yes I did it. I want a Kelly...maybe 2. I want a black one (so chic) and a BJ (so happy).

    IS THERE A KELLY FAIRY OUT THERE! Can you please sprinkle some of your magic pixie dust on my SA to find my Kelly(s)???!!!

    (Please forgive the serious coffee induced rambling of a sleep deprived Hermes addict that misses here DH:crybaby:)
  2. Too funny...I can't wait to see the pics. Hope you find what you are looking for.
  3. You are so funny girl!
    Go get a Kelly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. You def. need a lovely Kelly to add to your already amazing collection.
  5. LOL! You see that is why I come of TPF...you guys are great enablers. I am thinking about a 32cm...not too picky on the leather. Would love something in Box, but I'll take clemence. If I can find something black I would LOVE it with GH! Oh how I would also love something raisin. But lets see what wonders my SA (and of course the KELLY FAIRY) can pull.
  6. Don't Worry You'll Get One!
  7. Some raisin while you wait!

    (photo courtesy of LZ)

  8. OMG Kellybag that raisin is TDF! :sneaky:Ya see you guys are bad! Such enablers..bad for DH's pocket book.LOL
  9. I cant breath....I...want...one...so...so...bad.:sweatdrop:...must breath in to paper bag....
  10. Going to call SA and bug her somemore:Push:Hopefully she wont get too tired of me.LOL
  11. Kellys are just wonderful... I got my new baby today... just loving her.

    GET ONE!!!!!

    or two, three, four, five.........
  12. I just saw one in Beverly Hills Simply Princess!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is in Black!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. :graucho::graucho::graucho:
  14. You should be able to find a Blue Jean somewhere. H ramps up on BJ for the summer...

  15. Ooooo my SA just called the one in Beverly!