Oh Where, oh where is the birkin fairy?

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  1. It seems I have heard that there is a birkin fairy amongst us. Come out, come out wherever you are!!!!:wondering
  2. Right here!!!:p
  3. huh?
  4. Is she a Kelly fairy, too?
  5. Oh Birkin fairy, please visit my house. I have been a very good girl.
  6. So birkin fairy...what exactly do you do?
  7. Does "birkin fairy" mean you make birkins materialize for us, HG??!!!
  8. i sort of need a fairy bolidemother.
  9. I am looking for the fairy dust right now!
  10. That you do HiHeels!!! LOL.
  11. Oh MIGHTY BIRKIN FAIRY: I've been a VERY GOOD GIRL...so far this year:rolleyes:

    Please visit my DH's wallet:nuts: !! Please "fertilize" the Money Tree in the backyard that is looking "LEAF(Green)LESS":p
  12. Oh birkin fairy....where are you?
  13. She could be that as well...I have yet to hear.
  14. :::KOWTOWs::: to the birkin fairy!
    I've been a good girl too! ;)
  15. Are her wings made of Barenia too (or just her underwear)?