Oh where, oh where, did the Amore Zuccas go?

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  1. Ok, I'm hella depressed right now because i can't find a Lamore zucca ANYWHERE. It's 2 days before my b-day too :crybaby:

    If anyone has info on Lamore zucca whereabouts(perferably in a store, not Online), please tell.

  2. You're a day late, my friend. Pulse had ONE left today -- but now it is gone :sad:
  3. you know, i really wish i ordered an amore zucca when it was on macys.com! now im kicking myself!
  4. I wanted one too, but I'm not crazy about the tan and the zucca has alot of it, so I settled for a BV, it has the entire print so that's cool.

    But yeah, where are they? There are only 2-3 on eBay for like 205-220$.
  5. I was thinking macys.com. Wow, they are already sold out it?? Bummer.
  6. There are still plenty at the stores here - but they're all full price and after currency conversion etc it's about USD 260 each.
    Guess no one'd be asking me to get one for them huh? :p
  7. That's the problem when people order 3 or 4 at a time. They (macy's.com) run out of them. There are probably Amore Zuccas sitting in Macy's (as returns) in places where they've never heard of tokidoki. Someone will get a really good deal at some point when they hit 50% off....
  8. OHOHOHOH Can anybody with a Lamore
    zucca give me the skew for it? I want to ask the macy people to search for it.
  9. I'm so bummed out right now. My parents had planned to order my l'amore Zucca tomorrow... but I just read this post and checked the macy's site... and now they're all gone:crybaby:There goes my graduation present...:cry: I'm praying that a new shipment will come in somewhere before may 24. I'm so sad!!!!
  10. you can always do charge send from a store if you really want it. Just ask someone for the sku # and macy's or Nordstrom's can look in their system for you :biggrin:
  11. I just spoke to someone at pulse today and they said they had zuccas... I think... ???
  12. i returned some (don't hate me, i ordered multiples for print placement!) at the macy's in vernon hills, illinois at the westbrook shopping center. it may also still be called hawthorne on the website. i also returned a very nice one at the old orchard macy's in skokie, ill. try one of those places.

    i also ordered multiples because i did NOT want a lamore with faded hearts anywhere. every single one except one zucca i ordered had a faded heart somewhere. of course, the one that had my favorite print placement with perfect printing had a very tight, stubborn zipper and i was not going to have any of that!

    in the end, i settled for a very good print placement and one heart a little faded on the back side. i wanted a zucca sooo bad in lamore, i can live with it!
  13. "Faded" hearts... I had never heard of that until today. I checked ALL my Amores (5 - purchased from Pulse and two different Macy's) and I didn't see a single one.... weird...
  14. I didn't see any faded hearts on mine either. I won't go looking for them though...I :heart: my bag and I could care less if one of my hearts are faded.
  15. the most prominent place where i found "faded" hearts are to the left and a little behind the tail of the ebi shrimp sushi. now, this wasn't on every sushi, just some. by faded, i mean they don't have a clear outline, and some are almost non existent compared to the same exact heart other places.

    also very prominent was the tiny heart above the lattes. some are very clearly outlined and others seem to be very light and almost smeared looking.

    not as prominent is the moofia family. they are in front of a very pale pink heart. if you compare the same heart, some show up much, much lighter. not a big deal to me though.

    yes, i do admit that i check everything over with an "eagle" eye. it's not a good habbit, because i can usually find something wrong with everything!!!!!