oh where, oh where can i find this bag?

  1. i think i'm in :heart: with this little guy, but i can't find a real one anywhere :sad:
  2. do you know the name of the style?
  3. yeppers, i think it's called the "gucci mini chain horsebit purse" :yes:
  4. :biggrin: yes I do...everything looks accordingly..
  5. that would be sooooooooooooooooo amazing...i just get so nervous since buying a fake gucci on e-bay last month :wondering
  6. Feedback looks good and the horsebit is correct...so is the web coloring...except one neutral feedback....but the buyer has a sketchy background~
  7. thanks so much again MissV, i think i'm gonna go for it :smile:
  8. Please tell me how it goes!!..Oh ask her what is the serial number on the bag!
  9. yeppers, i'm still waiting for a reply :yes: ...do you know what it should be?
  10. well usually its usually 12 digits long..older ones have less....alot of fakes have 11
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