Oh where might my purple reissue be?

  1. Unfortunately unlike the other threads, there wouldn't be any pictures of my purple reissue because... it's not here! And that is exactly the problem! I was so excited to be first on the list for the metallic purple reissue in the small size and when I got a call from the SA two Fridays ago about the purple arriving in store, I just went crazy with glee. Some phone calls and email exchanges later (I don't live in the US, so the time difference for me is quite a bit of a problem), the SA informed me that the purple reissue has been charged to my card and it'd be sent out on the same day. That was last Monday though and it's been over a week now and being the anxious purse addict that I am, I rang up the store last night to just ask for the tracking number. Fortunately no such luck as the SA wasn't in store and nobody did get back to me about it. So instead, I rang up my local FedEx today and asked them if they could perhaps track down the progress of the package for me if I gave them my address. And here comes the shocker...

    FedEx told me that no package has been sent to my address! Not in the last month nor this month! :wtf::wtf:

    I'm hoping it's just a case of miscommunication or a glitch here but I'm going crazy just thinking about it! I'm just worried that the purple reissue could be anywhere right now - in the back of their stockroom, on the back of a truck headed to anywhere but here, or even worse, it's been delivered to another unit in the same building as my shipping address! :s I'm just worried sick now and being in a different time zone means that I can only hope that when I call up the store again tonight, fingers crossed, the SA might be in. Otherwise it's just more waiting and worrying. I hate to think that if they can't find this purple reissue, would the store refund me my money and even worse, would I even be able to find another purple reissue out there for purchase (I've already had to turn down 2 other SAs when my turn came for the same reissue).

    Sorry for ranting here but I figured this would be the best place to share over the anguish of waiting for a reissue. :crybaby:
  2. ooh!SO SORRY!
    call your SA ASAP..or call the store and ask for the shipping deptmt??
    Let us know what happens!!good luck!Hopefully its on its way!
  3. OH NO!!!!I know how I get when I am expecting something....keep us posted....:heart:H
  4. Is this the 226 you waitlisted for at the Chanel on East 57th Street, in NYC? If yes, simply ask for the shipping department, they will be able to help you if the sales associate is not available.
  5. oh no zero!! i sure hope this was a misunderstanding, i was in the same position as you last week and it got soo bad that I'm not even excited to see the purses anymore.

    i hope you get a tracking number or the purses soon!
  6. Oh my, what a nightmare.......I hope you get hold of your SA or of someone in charge (try the manager) and get some real answers. Don't worry, it will turn out all right. Hang in there and keep us posted.
  7. I hope everything works out!
  8. thanks for the encouragement ladies! to top off my worries now, I just got a PM from another PFer (I shared this SA's details with her and she also purchased the same reissue as I did from the SA) and it turns out that it might be that the reissues the both of us got are the wrong size! :confused1: Both of us were looking for the 225 size and we've both repeated time and again to the SA that it's the 225/small size we wanted and we noticed a big price difference ($2250 vs $2425), so it might be that the SA sent us the wrong size - 224 instead of 225!

    I just don't know what to make of everything now because I don't even live in the US and if the bag ever gets to me and it's a 224, I'd have missed out on getting a 225 size and returning the bag for a refund is going to be a nightmare (if it's even possible)! It might be that I'll end up with a bag (if it even comes in the mail) but in the wrong size and with no chance of getting the size I want.

    This whole thing is turning out to be a complete nightmare and it's not something I'd expect from an SA who has been recommended here. :sad: I'm really hoping the size is right and the bag is actually on it's way here and it's just all a huge miscommunication.
  9. Mon, unfortunately it's not the 226 that i was waitlisted for in 57th St. I've not got a call from 57th St yet so maybe if I can clear up the huge problem with my current order, I'm hoping I'd have some luck with 57th St. :sad:
  10. Oh my Oh my...
    Hope you'll get the 225 for less money ?!?!
  11. Sorry for that zerodross,did you give them the sku/code number for the new 225?I do hope you'll get this mess sorted out and get your 225 soon!:yes:
  12. That's a relief to hear 'cause I'd be surprised if Brendan made such a mess of things. I don't think the purple 226's have arrived yet because I would have received a call.

    Hopefully you'll get to straighten out the other mess.:sweatdrop:
  13. eeps! i didn't because at that time, i didn't have the SKU/Code for the 225 (i had it for the 226 and 227 strangely, and funnily enough, the only info I had for 225 was the dimensions of the bag, not even the price.. hence this snafu). But i did stress to the SA that it was the old 225 size and it was what they'd call the "small" size now. when the SA sent me pictures I even confirmed with him again about the size, so it was really quite alarming that the size that is being sent to me is absolutely WRONG! even worse, the other PFer also stressed to the same SA that she wanted the 225 size, and she received the 224 size.. so either the SA heard us both wrong or :confused1::confused1:

    but thanks for tip about the SKU. I think I'll do that from now on - confirm the exact dimensions and the SKU number
  14. Hope things work out for you.
  15. :yes: I really am quite shocked by the entire mess myself, especially since this SA I'm dealing with is someone who has been recommended by other PFers too. I guess I'll simply opt for a refund (if it's available) and hopefully if the bag really has yet to be shipped out, it'd make the refund process so much easier. this really teaches me a lesson to choose a really really good SA when buying outside of my country.