Oh when will my sister grow up?

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  1. She's 19 next month, and talks to my mum sooooo bad. Shouting at her for not buying the right food or drink, although my mum pays for her busfares, cigarettes, etc. My mum tried giving her money to buy meals etc, but she bought a KFC and spent the rest of it. I'm so angry, I just dunno what my mum can do.
    I have suggested kicking her out, but nope :sad: btw im 20 in april
  2. Erm...I think this may actually be partly your mother's fault.

    Why in the world does your mom allow your sister to talk to her like that? My mom already gets MAD at me when I speak to her crossly.

    Your sister more than likely won't grow up until somebody gives her a smack in the face (not literally) and tells her to wake up and realize that she can not treat people that way, family or not.
  3. ^^ ITA. If your mom doesn't do it, then someone else will and it won't be pretty.
  4. i think your mom needs to be strong on her, there's no point if she still supoport all her expenses.
    my bf's sister is like that, sometimes she can be sweet, but at times she's being very annoying. she used her parent's money for paying her apartment to go for a trip, and she never confess where the money goes.
    her parents always complaining to my bf, but they do nothing.
    everytime she crawled back all sweet faced, they give her more.
  5. My younger sister who is 20 (and I'm 22) is the EXACT same way as your's and it makes me soo angry....but when I say something to my mom about the way she's treated, my mom get's mad at me :rolleyes:

    I hate my sister....we don't even talk :mad:
  6. This is exactly what my mum does, it's getting to the point now that I can't wait till I move out of here in a few months because of all the drama. But then I get worried about my mum being alone, argh!!!
  7. I blame my mom for it all!! And I tell her to her face because it's ridiculous. I wish someone would wipe my a** everytime I was done using the restroom. I wish someone would cleam my bathroom if I was messy enough to have toothpaste everywhere (which, I'm really not, but my sister is). I wish someone would buy me clothes all the time (we both have jobs). Ya, you know :rolleyes: It's total bullsh*t
  8. That's too bad but I must say, your mom had a hand in creating the "monster" your sister has become. Your mom is enabling her to be a selfish spoiled brat. If your mom doesn't want to face the truth, there is little you can do to change anything.
  9. Yup! That's why I just say what I need to say and walk away from her.......and my dad 100% agree's with me and that just gets under my mom's skin soo bad!!! I love it!!:yahoo:
  10. You sister will have a huge wake up call when she is in the real world. Your mom puts up with her, so it isn't going to stop. As spoiled and rotten some kids are to their parents, the parents seem to put up with it.....I don't know why but I have seen horrible behavior from kids to their parents or I should say young adults becaus they are older and act like 5 year olds. Your Mom should cut her off, no money for anything and let you sister learn to treat your mom with respect.
  11. ugh, my parents do this with my twelve year old sister. she is SUCH a brat, but she's gonna get a wake up call. it's because there's a 7 and a half year gap between us that she's so spoiled and my parents get mad at me for everything.
  12. I couldn't stand for that, and my sis knows that.

    We're 2 years apart - she's 23 this year, and she knows she'll get hell from me if she tried anything like that with my Mom. :lecture: But she's a good kid, so it's all good. :biggrin:
  13. So true!
  14. Maybe you need to call Nanny 011 for help~:p