Oh what to do!

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  1. Hi all-
    I need help because I think I have buyers remorse. I've had a 1400 credit that has been nagging me to purchase something since December. After reading the neverfull clubhouse I convinced myself I needed my third NF in DA MM RB (my first DA)- I'm a strictly mono or DE girl- the leather while gorgeous, is too heavy for my 'old lady' back!
    Long story short- I'm extremely nervous about the aging of the DA and potentially having a horrible dark patina on the vachetta. Not to mention the checks don't quite line up on the one side AND it's not MIF, but that's a different issue. However, since I had a hard time tracking it down, sold out online and my boutique only had 2-I feel like I need to keep it!
    Am I over thinking it- is DA as high maintenance as I think it is? I'm very meticulous about my bags and baby them so I'm worried this might put me over the edge constantly hovering over this bag! Geez- I think I'm getting anxiety just thinking about it. The Neverfull is my workhorse so I know I'll love the bag- but I doesn't seem as resilient as mono and DE! Sorry for rambling- my husband is of zero help and i can't seem to come up with a decision on my own! TIA!
  2. You're not overthinking. That is just the way your brain works. Get bags that suit your personality. Your post mentions a lot of reasons YOU don't like the bag. It just doesn't sound like the bag for you. I might be able to give you a list of reasons why I like the bag but that doesn't help you. You need a bag that makes you and your brain happy. I say return the bag and use that credit for something more carefree.
  3. I think you should return this one and wait for something you love.
  4. #4 May 22, 2016
    Last edited: May 22, 2016
    I would return it and keep the credit for something that you feel like you can't live without. There are new things being released every few months. I think the true love is worth waiting for!

    I often feel the same worry about vachetta and I know I won't get as much use out of a bag if it has a lot of vachetta on it. Trust your gut on this one.
  5. I would return the bag as well. I'm not a DA fan as I think it's too high maintenance. I only have a few DA items and they are all SLGs. I don't own a bag in DA. I'm sure you'd rather return and get something you really can use. This is one thing bad about being on TPF, there are too many enablers.
  6. I vote return. If you loved it that much you wouldn't question it still. Get something that makes your heart sing and fits your lifestyle. I am a Mono girl also. I like the Azur but don't own any because it would give me anxiety also. Get something you really love. You are keeping it for the wrong reasons (hard to get, etc.) If you had it next to a bag you loved..the choice would be easy! Best of luck to you :smile:
  7. You sound exactly like me with azur! I think you should return it and find your true love otherwise the NF might sit in your closet unused. Good luck deciding!
  8. #8 May 22, 2016
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    Thanks Gang! That was the push, I really needed to pick a side! I'm going to take it back this weekend and wait for the new releases- well try to wait that is! I'm so glad you all understand and I'm not ranting like a neurotic lunatic!
    This forum is wonderful for so many reasons but the enabling is not good for the LV obsessed! Lol! Thanks again!
  9. That's true!
    It's easy to write "go for it!" on every thread! 😝
  10. To answer your question of "Is DA high maintenance?" I would have to say no, not really. I have only one DA bag (a Neverfull) and although it is a summer tote and I don't carry it year round, I don't baby it. I have not had problems with color transfer. With that said, you seem like you are questioning other elements… pattern not lining up, not getting MIF, etc. I usually find that if I am questioning something too much it is not the right fit. ;) May be best to hold out for something you truly love. Good luck!
  11. I don't think DA is high maintenance and I love it for spring and summer. I've had no issues with color transfer and I wear dark blue or black jeans all the time.
    The Vachetta has reached a certain patina and doesn't seem to be getting any darker. I don't baby it but I don't abuse it by picking it up with dirty hands. I don't put lotion on my hands all the time though.
    I don't think you're overthinking it. I do love my DA. I just wish I'd held out for the pink interior.
  12. I would never get azur. I have two kids and imagine how dirty white would get around them. I love de so that's where I'm coming from. Although I do like the patina of the leather as it ages.
  13. + 1
  14. I have a 2.5 and 7 month old, so that definitely weighed heavily on my return as well. It looks so nice on other people but in the end- I agree with everyone here to go with my gut!
    As someone else mentioned on a another thread- I had an itch that I desperate needed to scratch! Plus I got caught up in the thrill of chasing one down- I definitely didn't purchase for the right reason this time.

    I just needed some help to talk me down off the ledge!
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