Oh what to do? Handle coming off...

  1. I received the black speedy inclusion keychain from Karen Kooper just today. Love the packaging and the little goodies that came with it, but the handle on the mini speedy came off when I received it. :crybaby:Should I ask for an exchange or do you think the LV store can repair it for free? :sad: I feel bad to bug Karen since she is such a good sport, but I am definitely having a bad week... :Push:

    What should I do? :sad:
  2. Oh..I am sorry to hear about your mini speedy..

    I think you should contact her and see what she thinks about it
    Pls keep us update
  3. You need to let her know asap. You shouldn't be embarass. You paid a lot of money for it. Let us know what happens. I was going to bid on one of those babies today. I'll wait and see what happens with you:smile:
  4. She replied really fast and was really nice about it. She said I can mail it back to her for an exchange and she'll even pay for the shipping. That's very professional of her! :nuts: Well, I just called my local LV store and they said they can take a look at it and give me another one. I might just do it on Sunday then. :yes: So stay tune...
  5. Did you email her?
  6. Yes. :yes:
  7. Gotta LOVE that LV customer service!
  8. I think you should bring it to LV...I remember someone I know had the Inclusion phone charm chains fall off...
  9. Nevermind going to the LV store, Karen insisted on having me ship it back to her for an exchange and she'll paypal me back the shipping cost. :girlsigh: Now why can't all the ebay sellers be like her? :tender:
  10. Awww! That's so sweet. then again, I've seen stories about Koala wallets with the sides coming apart. maybe b/c they're American made, I don't know. Keep us updated
  11. i'm happy to hear that you can exchange it...what a great ebay seller she is...congrats!!!
  12. Ok here's the update: I just received a NEW black speedy inclusion keychain from her and omg, Karen cannot be any nicer!! :nuts: She included EXTRA goodies such as gloosy photos of the suhali lines, old LV invitations, epi catalogue, CDs of the LV woman's collection, etc. I am so shocked by her excellent services!! Very great packaging too. She is THE best ebay seller!! :yahoo:I feel like a LV VIP! She has made me her customer for life! I highly recommend her. :wlae:This is so far my best ebay experience. :jammin:

    Now what to do with my mini speedy inclusion... should I put it on my damier speedy or B-bag black First? :love:
  13. I am glad it worked out.
  14. can you post a pic? I'm so happy for you! :yahoo:
  15. I'm glad everything worked out for you! Congrats!!