Oh what a bad wittle girl I was this morning...

  1. I did a PCE phone order for the medium Heritage Stripe Tote. I having it shipped to my closest boutique. It's supposed to arrive in 5-7 days or so. I can't wait. Also I got the new releases email from Coach today and accessory-wise I definitely will get this:



    and maybe this:
  2. Wow... those charms are so cute!! I love them so much!! and in pink!! ah
    BTW do they charge you for shipping to your store? and did you have to hassel them to accept the PCE???
  3. congrats!!! And I love the charms.. pink is my favorite color! :tup:
  4. Shame on you for being a bad wittle girl!

    ... who am I kidding? Post pictures when you get it!
  5. Nope. Save 8.50 that way although I was told some of the busier stores won't let you ship to them but my closest store is small and relatively slow compared to some of the others in this area. I had some help getting the PCE on this order. I don't know any of the SAs in the area well enough (only been in TX for 6 mos now) so someone on here (THANKS!) hooked me up with their local SA who did the order with PCE for me this morning :smile::yahoo:
  6. Wow you must be very excited ! I love that pink hang tag charm, what size it is regular or luggage tag size ?
  7. Luggage so it will be giantinormus. I love the heart one and I think this one will look fabulous on my new tote. If I had seen this first, I would have ordered it this morning. But I didn't so I'd figure I'd just go in and buy it but none are showing as being available within 50 miles of Dallas :sad:
  8. Congrats!Post pics when you get it :biggrin:
  9. Congratulations! I'm glad that you were able to order your Coach bag this morning.
  10. Thanks! The SA I spoke with was very friendly and helpful :yes: I am so appreciative of the help I received on here for this (and for past PCEs). tPF is such a great place! :flowers:
  11. I want!! I love pink, those charms are so cute. Congragulations you lucky girl.
  12. Congrats, tanukiki! The pink luggage tag charm is cute too!!
  13. Cute!Cute!Cute!! I will definitely have to order that pink tag! And your tote is going to be so cute- you must post pics when it arrives :smile:
  14. Definitely post pics of the luggage charm...I really like that shade of pink!
  15. I love that pink and white charm , the colors are so pretty !