Oh, well I let go of ostirich Birkin and ostrich bearn wallet! Was I stupid..?

  1. I got a chance to purchase an Ostrich Birkin in Indigo Blue. It was very dark blue (close to black, inbetween black and dark navy blue) I like bright colors for ostrich. I have fushia and orange ostrich ones...which I love them very much. I was not sure about the color. It was such a dark color... but it was an ostrich Birkin!!! SA was very honest. She knew that I was looking for Croc. birkin, she said I should not buy it if I am not in love with it totally. She said $15,000 is a lot of money to spend for something that you are not sure about. I totally agreed!:yes: :yes: :yes: So, I did not buy it. But it keeps hanging around in my mind "But it was an Ostrich though!!!" Did I make a right choice? :oh: I also saw ostrich FUSHIA bearn wallet that matched with my fushia ostrich birkin. It was $2300-which I thought it was too much for a wallet. It was about $1000 more than a regular bearn wallet. In my mind, I thought I could buy two bearn wallets with little more extra money with the price of that wallet. So, I let go of both ostrich Birkin AND wallet!!:shocked: Guys! Did I do a right thing? I am afraid that I missed a chance to own such a wonderful items.
  2. If you had really wanted them you wouldn't have passed on them. You made the right decision. Something else will come along soon. In my opinion, an Hermes item is too big an investment to buy just because it's there. Only buy what you really love.
  3. I agree....now which store did you see these at? :graucho: Just kidding.
  4. I think you did the right thing by waiting for your croc birkin. If you really loved the indigo ostrich, you would have snacthed it up.
  5. I think you did the right thing - probably just knowing a lot of people WISH they were you makes you feel a bit guilty!! Wait for the croc - you have the ostrich birkins - and a wallet - you'll appreciate the different things you're waiting for once they arrive - good willpower I might add!
  6. i agree with everyone's comments. if you loved them so much and it was meant to be, you would not have left them in the store. i should know... i had a similar experience today. i found a lovely chocolate chamonix kelly but the size was small, the dye was a bit dark and more importantly, i'm still waiting for my croc. and that's $22k (the kelly was $7k). at those prices, we have to be careful, you know?
  7. If you have to get something, go back for that ostrich Bearn in Fuchisa to match your bag!!
    You already have two GOR-GEE-USS ostrich bags and this one just didn't cut it.
    Hold out for the croc Birkin...
  8. Thank you guys!!!
  9. You are a smart woman with amazing taste...you did the right thing and soon enough you will see why you chose not to buy those pieces!
    An intelligent woman passes when it is not the correct thing to do!!!:yes:
  10. Well, said Kellybag. :amuse:
  11. I agree with everyone! :smile:

    It all comes to "love at first sight" right? If you were skeptical at the store, it wasn't probably "the one" for you. Just look at how much you love your fuschia and oranges ostrich ones!! :heart: