My husband hates makeup but I PAT on a little of a clinique rose colour sometimes. I love how lipstick looks on other people though, some people wear red great.
i had on a chanel glossimar and went to kiss my beautiful puppy on the head and left pink marks on her white fur! so if your SO doesn't like lip gloss that will come off on him, i probably wouldn't recommend chanel...

i like chanel in sugar plum or mac lipglass in lovechild the best as far as look, though! and this one sonia kashuk one i got from target called 'sexy' that's beautiful and so creamy!
I've been using Mentholatum Softlips (drugstore brand.. amazing for $3.49!) for years.. but that has no colour :sad:

Tinted lipbalms by Prada and Kiehls leave a very nice sheen of colour, however, I still find that they have the waxy/sticky quality that I don't like. Prada lipbalm is better though.. I don't find Kiehls to be very moisturizing, but I do like the colour it gives. :yes:
^^Yeah same, I finally found the closest and perfecting shade for my lips by chanel, but that doesn't change the fact that its still sticky, but the prada lipbalm and stila sound good, I should check them out.