Oh, this really blows....

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  1. The Monogramouflage is sold out online. The speedy is being delivered any day... I just got the Watercolor and need to send the gramouflage back, but I DON'T WANT TO! Should I call 1-866 to find out how many there are around the country? Do you think they will tell me the truth, or just say not many, so I'll keep it. I should NOT keep this bag. I will be pushing my limits way too much:confused1:

    I just need a reality check.:wtf: Please tell me to send the bag back. :okay:

    Yes, I am in need of rehab. And, I am going back on my year ban after this. I made it a year before, and I can do it again...:idea:
  2. If you already had made up your mind to send it back before finding out that it was sold out online, just send it back according to your original plan. Don't torture yourself by calling 866, and don't be manipulated by the sold-out syndrome. Just do it!
  3. Thanks. I might have to do what LV MOde said yesterday and not even open it. Just send it back, I need to remember I'm an addict. If it was meant to be, I'll find a used one online one day....thank you blueiris.
  4. Exactly do not open the package infact write return to sender on box.lol

    I need rehab also. Now I'm looking at Chanel shoppers and Hermes Evelyne's. This pf is a little too good. lol:nuts:
  5. Yeah. I said I would NOT go online today and look at me, it's raising my blood pressure already...
  6. Good luck! Remember...in the end...your wallet will thank you for it.
  7. I would just send it back as you originally planned...sometimes it just isn't the right time for a bag...You should never overextend yourself for a purse...as gorgeous as they are, financial security is a much better feeling! :smile: good luck hun!
  8. Send it back! Send it back and don't look online anymore!! It's just a trendy bag that you won't even like after a month. (Hope that helps)
  9. I agree with you 100%! Don't even open it... it will most likely make you want to keep it!
  10. I Will go to Rehab with you i need it too!
    Send it back or no more buys if you keep it.
  11. It will be OK Veronika. Go ahead and send it back. It will come around again at the right time for you.
    Hug Buttercup and know that a cute wiggly puglet is the best thing in the world :hugs:
    She looks adorable in your signature.
  12. Your answer is right there girl! I wouldn't want to either, I love the camo speedy, it's really cool and unique. I would send back the wc between those two or find a way to keep both by hocking some of the other bags:confused1:

    If you got that camo speedy hang onto it! I don't go for LE bags bec. I'm into the classic look and also I just don't want to pay that kind of $ but that one I just LOVE IT!! When the white wc came out I really loved it too though but then it seems like so many people here got it, I kind of got a little bored with it and I don't even have the bag! **whispering**
  13. WAIT!!! I'm trying to understand this...

    You ordered the camo speedy so it's on it's way and you never saw it yet and when the box arrives you're not even going to open it?! I think that's wow! I guess since it's such a no brainer for me how much I prefer the camo to the wc, I would send back the wc w/out opening it,lol. I think the camo is unique and whimsical and the wc is just another type of multicolore bag. They will keep churning out colorful bags I think, but they will never repeat this camo thing again. To me it's a cool LE bag to have. I can't believe I'm saying this when I'm so not and LE person. But worst case scenario you wear an LE bag for a couple of years and then resell it, bec. they are LE people always will covet it, especially w/in the first few years of it's debut.
  14. Everyone helped, but speedydelivery...lol.... and, I felt the same way before i received the WC; like no way, I'm going for the Camo... it's sooooo cool, then, I got the WC and immediately like presto lost the receipt (lol) and fell in love, so okay. WC stays... I was going to sell others, but they're limiting me on ebay, so no sells until September, which might be a good thing, since at this point I could regret what I sell... hard core... BUT, the camo might come around for me again. I posted a thread the other day, where there weren't many camo takers.... which made me think I was going for it. But, the ultimate thing is that I really don't think I want two 35's. I might be able to appease myself by saying, when I can afford it, I will get a mon mono speedy 30; ( I love those)... there will always be cool bags, right? And, the camo could show up in my closet one day....:cloud9: Anything is possible:okay:
  15. Agreed! Cute, but..how much does one wear camo?! I personally don't think I'd get any use out of it..and like another poster said, financial security is much nicer than any purse! You can do it! :tup: