Oh! This is new too!

  1. isn't that a darling?!
  2. So very pretty:heart:!
  3. I never understood the purpose of the cellphone charms. They're so cute, but wouldn't they hit you in the side of the head while you're talking? Or knock against the phone while you're trying to hear? They just seem like they'd get in the way.
  4. so cute
  5. SO cute. too bad i can't put them on my cell...
  6. you can use them for other things, like hanging it from your review mirror, or even tying it onto a handbag :smile:

    i love that one!!
  7. i always break my cell phone lanyards anyway..
    since i have a habit of putting my cell phone in my back pocket
    attach it to the zipper on your coach bags ;)
  8. super cute! I still want the star one, but it's gone.
  9. it is too cute...i really want one but i have a hot pink phone and its hard to try and match the pinks!
  10. It's very cute! It may be time to get rid of my old coach lanyard.
  11. I never thought about hanging one from the rearview mirror in the car, that's a great idea!
  12. i know. i'm just not a "let's hang stuff off everywhere" kinda person. i don't even use half of the keychains i own...
  13. Cute!
  14. Oooh! Very cute! :yes: