Oh! This is just too cute!

  1. [​IMG]
  2. I know! I thought so too. Do you like the monkey one? I wish they made a cow.
  3. Ah-you're a cow person I see
  4. Yes ma'am! This is my baby -

  5. ahh I saw that on coach.com its adorable!..I must get a keyfoab by the end of the summer -D
  6. I am a penguin person!! how much is that one?

  7. WOO! And I thought giving birth to my kids was rough! :blink:

    uhkiwi-it is $38
  8. owww its soo cute. But would you put that on ur bag? or just for ur keys?
  9. They are adorable. Looking at them online doesn't really do enough for them.
  10. Yeah, they're adorable! When I went to the store last week my SA was like "oh, we got the cutest keychains EVER you have to come see the monkey!" And she's totally right, I think I'm going to pick up the monkey the next time I go in. :smile:
  11. Oh my god those are TOOOOOOOO cute!!! I want a penguin now :love:
  12. Really cute!
  13. So cute, I like the monkey too !
  14. Thats awesome! Be sure to take pictures if you get it. Oh and ask them if they expect any cow ones anytime soon, lol. JK :P
  15. I saw those they are so cute

    i think i'd buy the monkey cuz it reminds me of my mom