Oh the weather outside is frightful - snowed in with my RMs COLLECTION THREAD!

  1. Can't wait to see your collection!
  2. i have not yet mastered the art of taking pictures of bags, and i did have to use the flash. but anyway....

    first up - we'll start small - small leather goods! my paper/plastic wallet was (i believe) my first RM. and the three pouches are GWPs i received from SOs.

  3. yes!! would love to see : )
  4. next up - one of my most used bags - grey croc 3 zip rocker. it transitions well from hot mess bag to travel bag to night out bag. i have worn it to the gym, to the grocery store, to a bar, and tuck it away in my matinee when Ii travel so i have a smaller option when i reach my destination. it’s been to concerts, in a blizzard, and up and down the east coast.

  5. i have a weakness for clutches, and i looove this one and can't wait to use her! - gold snake lovers clutch from the SO

  6. (this is what's going on outside my bedroom window - the snow is making all the bamboo bend so it looks like a snowy jungle!!)

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    speaking of clutches, i received this little beauty yesterday - black patent quilted mac. she is in competition with ms. gold snake to be my v-day bag!


  8. More plz!!
  9. oh geez

    that is incredible.

    simply beautiful and elegant and just sooooo gorgeous.

  10. love them!!!
  11. ok, one more before segueing into some old school favorites :heart:

    my mustard croc mini nikki! i bought this bag sort of on a whim, but have not regretted it - she is one of my most used bags.

  12. thank you everyone!!
  13. gorgeous bags! I can't wait to get my patent quilted MAC!!
  14. 5 bags left!

    i'm a bit of an old school brass hardware/finished tassels fetishist :p
  15. Lovely!