Oh the weather outside is frightful - snowed in with my RMs COLLECTION THREAD!

  1. OMG, bottle green MAM! beautiful!! Thank you for sharing :smile:
  2. thanks everyone for stopping by :smile:

    i've welcomed two new to me MAMs since my update :blush: so thought i would snap a few photos quickly.

    these are pretty crappy pictures - it's a beautiful sunny day but the trees in our backyard were blocking the light. i'll have to try to take some pictures out in the garden or something later this week.

    GE MAM
  3. I did get some photo-taking help from two of my boys.

    Oliver loves the smell of GE leather:

    with red w/rose gold MAM:

    Red is Cooper's favorite color :smile:

    now if only i could find me the elusive pearl mab, i'd be done! :p
  4. Gorgeous bags, love that GE MAM! I'm pretty much in love with your Cooper, too- what a FACE!!!! :hbeat:
  5. In love with Oliver, Cooper, and your MAMs! :biggrin:
  6. Love, love, love that GE MAM!!! And I love your furry friends too!
  7. Oliver looks just like my fur baby, Randy...such a cutie! And great taste in leather, too! Love that GE!!!
  8. Love the GE leather! Gorgeous MAM...and I LOVE OLIVER!!! AAAAHHHHH so want to scratch his chin!
  9. thanks so much everyone!! i'm loving GE - such a rich brown and the leather seems so durable. i'll have to include oliver and cooper (and their older/shy brother, toby, my gigantic grey & white cat) in more of my reveals :smile:

  10. I :heart: your GE MAM.....but I REALLY REALLY :heart::heart::heart::heart: Cooper!!!! He is so friggin adorable!!!!
  11. I got this ages ago and never posted it, super old school kelly green mab that i plan to rehab in the future:

    metallic honey mam:
    it's definitely two-bag leather worthy. i may get it in a mac in the future.

    not the greatest picture, but gold snake lovers clutch with the white house (and the dept. of the treasury) in the background (at POV, the rooftop bar at the W Hotel):
  12. and here's one other pretty that i got whenever it came out (last year?) that i'm excited to wear again now that it's almost fall.


  13. OK - I have fallen in love with metallic honey. :p
    Where was I when this first came out?! Your pics are stunning!!
  14. thank you! i believe it was spring 2011. i remember finding out about it too late, and then i couldn't find one anywhere. it also came in mac & 5 zip mac. there's a mac on Bonz now :graucho: the leather is wonderful!
  15. looks like it also came in mab and bf clutch (in addition to mam, mac & 5 zip mac).