Oh the weather outside is frightful - snowed in with my RMs COLLECTION THREAD!

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  1. So we already have about 2 feet of snow and should be getting another foot today. So I figured it's the perfect time to do a collection thread!
  2. Woot! I'm heyyyyaaaaaarrrrrrrr...
  3. yayyy FINALYY!!!!!!
  4. YAY!!! I can't wait! I KNOW you have a few gorgeous and RARE bags!
  5. Waiting..... :yes:
  6. :rochard:
  7. bluestang your avatar is precious! (sorry totally off topic - but the pics are MIA so i had to talk about something lol)
  8. yay!!! about to upload the first pictures - my computer is just being slow :P
  9. :yahoo: Bring on the pics!!!!!!!
  10. can't wait!
  11. Yay!!
  12. Thanks! Miranda and Bailey are mother and son. We were able to rescue her 2 years after Bailey was born so they could be together!
  13. :useless:

    Hehe.....can't you tell I'm anxious??
  14. You know... perhaps your lovely collection thread will motivate me to clean my room and hence make room on my floor to pull out all of my lovelies for some updated family photos :thinking:
  15. yay!!! i am here too!!