Oh! The torture!

  1. Just got back from getting my hair colored at my local salon, and while I'm in the chair, a woman walks in and sits in the chair opposite me carrying the most gorgeous chocolate brown Birkin! Now, you must understand that this is in Portland ME, and only the second one I've seen around here IRL. And of course my colorist kept moving my chair so the bag was out of my view. So I've just come back from spending 2 hours vicariously with a Birkin!
  2. MUST you have one now?
  3. Mmmm...chocolate brown? What kind of leather?
  4. chocolate brown... gold hardware? what leather? drooling just thinking about it!
  5. Tongue back in mouth rocker!
  6. Did she put it on the floor?
  7. Gah!! I neeeed one!:p :p :p
  8. Yummy chocolate!!! :sweatdrop:
  9. I had that happen to me at the LV boutique. I was just staring at her ed birkin with pure lust . . . that is when I decided I had to have one come hell or high water
  10. It was chocolate, and I'm a newbie to the Hermes world so I'm not sure what leather it was. Looked kind of grainy, and it was a muted chocolate, not a rich brown like I imagine when I'm daydreaming about my own. Noticed she kept it on her lap most of the time, and took it with her when she went 20 feet over to get her hair shampooed. It's not a big area, upstairs at this salon is pretty private. I left my LV on the floor while I was getting shampooed. She did put it on the floor while she was getting blown out. And I'm pleased to say it held it's shape quite nicely. Although she did have a Blackberry hooked to the side. Can't imagine marking the leather like that. Birkin abuse? Should I have staged an intervention?
  11. How yummy...chocolate birkin... :drool:
  12. Oops, forgot to mention gold hw. And I did notice when she carried it, she held the toggle side inward, so if you didn't know, you wouldn't know it was a Birkin.
  13. Oh I imagine a rich chocolate too...I wonder what exact brown that was and which leather. I think that chocolate in togo is a nice deep brown...or atleast I hope that is the case!
  14. Chocolate is scrumptious!
    Lucky you!!
  15. A friend would clip her garage door opener onto her Ostrich Birkin, another form of Birkin abuse.