OH THE SHAME! Fake Dr Q Delancey

  1. I saw this much earlier on when I was trolling eBay and I reported it. Let's help to report this, ladies!
  2. crazy isn't it? i saw a bunch of these on ioffer. it was inevitable that they would make their way onto eBay.
  3. The location says Ackland....more like yuckland!! What a horrible fake! :throwup:
  4. How did you guys know it was fake? My own instinct was the structure, I know the tote's not that wide...What else?
  5. I didn't realize they were faking MBMJ bags. Sheesh!
  6. the most obvious sign is the color. the fake is a poor imitation of nice tan. if you've see nice tan irl, it's a much richer color than the flat, non-impressive color of the fake. secondly, the leather texture is too smooth and seemingly too thin. the leather of the dr. q line is very thick. that's one of the best parts about it. the pleating on the front of the bag looks sloppy. the hardware lacks the aged, antique look. finally, the interior is completely wrong. mbmj bags rarely have plain dark canvas lining. this should have a herringbone print fabric lining.
  7. And there's a bidder, too. I always feel bad when I see a fake bag on eBay with bids. :sad:
  8. Are the Dr.Q bags the first MBMJ bag to be faked? coz i can't say i've seen any fake MBMJ bags before the Dr.Q.
    Like tadpolenyc... the first thing i noticed was the color. Then it was the interior lining. The hardware plate looks pretty good i have to say :x I remember a while back someone posted up a fake Groovee and the hardware plate was new and shiny and didn't have the embossed print... that was a joke :x

    Question about eBay and reporting... so does it take a lot of people to report a seller for eBay to remove the bidding? i'm not sure how it works :X