Oh the regrets - Balenciaga Ceinture ankle boots

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  1. UGH...it's been killing me for a couple of days now. I had the silver/gold version saved on my wishlist ready to go but I had to deposit my birthday cheque first. The bank said 5 business days to clear and I got really nervous that my boots would be taken because they were the last ones....and that's exactly what happened :crybaby: Literally the day after I deposited my cheque, they were sold out. I'm so so so sad.

    I had emailed all the stores in the UK, France and Italy. The ones in Hong Kong told me they don't ship overseas. It got minimal feedback from the stores in Europe.... :rain: I also emailed the websites customer service to find out if they are going to be restocked. No answer yet.

    They still have the silver buckle/black buckle ones but they weren't what I had in mind. They're fine and everything....maybe I do have to settle for those ones since they're still the same boots. Should I hold out for an answer or just pull the trigger on the other ones?
  2. Im partial to silver hardware myself so I would personally buy those but if you dont like silver, then maybe dont. Although you could really love them the same or more once you had them and put them on. Tough decision miss >.<
  3. Call liberty's in london, i think i saw some there.
  4. I just called this morning and unfortunately they only had one left and it wasn't my size. *sigh* but thanks for the tip.
  5. This happened to me with the silver/gold hardware ones, and I resorted to stalking eBay for a few months. With some patience I was able to find a new pair and the seller sold them to me for retail. It's possible! Good luck with the hunt!