oh the madness!!

  1. So, this season I've been severely underwhelmed with the new colors... but COMPLETELY overwhelmed with the sales!!!

    Last week I ordered a black canvas Mens Day from diabro for $520, it finally arrived yesterday and it's a lot nicer than I thought it would be. Very versatile and since it's canvas I feel I can throw it around a lot more! :tup:

    Then I was on my way to meet a friend for lunch today when I got a text from another friend that he just bought a Balenciaga bag at Barneys... for $400!!!!!!!!!!! I RUSHED over to Barney's, and there they were - three Besace's for $419. I quickly snagged one of the two blue's and was on my happy way! :yahoo::yahoo:

    June Misc 010.jpg

    June Misc 002 cropped.jpg

    June Misc 006 resize.jpg

    It's been a good Balenciaga season afterall :biggrin:
  2. whoa! that's crazy...awesome!:yahoo:
  3. Whoa! $400?? I'd take a Besace for that!! :nuts:
  4. [​IMG]



    :tup:It's a good deal, i mean i really haven't come across that price for a bbag....u are so lucky!:heart::heart:
  5. lucky girl! Which blues are they pls?
  6. Fraw!!! What is that blue? Is it Cornflower???
  7. Modelling pics pleeeese!
  8. congrats! what a gorgeous besace for a great sale price! and the canvas day does seem practical! You did good! And ur collection is TDF!
  9. bags4bubbles - they still have a couple left for 419 - in natural and this blue color ;)

    lucidbabe & kdc - i'm actually not sure what blue it is... i wanted to say blueberry but the tag says "2007 1"... but it's too light to be marine. I had this problem last year when I bought another blue men's day... i still have no idea what the name of that blue was either. Balenciaga and their men's colors are :weird:

    modeling pics will come later tonite :p

    thanks everyone for the sweet words!!! :flowers:
  10. :wtf: what a great price and an awesome Bbag...... Love your collection:heart: esp the ink its a real nice colour
  11. OH WOW!!!! Great deal on amazing bags!!! You really lucked out! LOVE them both :love:
  12. Does it have white stitching like the new Ocean color?

    I would say in the Balenciaga world, it's great to be a boy...you get all the steals & deals!! ;)
  13. Holy Moo Cow! I am so happy for you to find such a fantastic deal!
  14. Wow... That's a STEAL!!! Good stuff!
  15. fiatflux - !! it does have white stitching! ocean crossed my mind as well, but would it make sense to release a fall 07 color in spring 07?! :wacko:

    and LOL, I wouldn't go so far to say it's great to be a balenciaga boy... this should be our pay off for having such limited selection to begin with :girlsigh:

    thanks again everyone for the compliments, you gals are all too sweet! :shame: