Oh the irony!

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  1. the local news was covering a local counterfeit handbag sting and they interviewed an "average joe" for her opinion at the end and she was carrying a fake too! she said she paid $1200 for it. what to the evers =P

    Watch the video in the little box

    Employees Arrested In Counterfeit Purse Sting - Local News
  2. I like it how they said (as they showed the pile of garbage that is suppose to be "very real looking knock offs"): "The bags looked so real that they had to be sent to the designer houses to make sure they were fake"!!! Are they kidding!!! I could smell the vinyl through my computer screen!!! And the girl at the end!!! OMG!!! LMAO!!! US$1200.00 for that bag! I think she overpaid by about US$1199.00 if she really did pay that much!
  3. aww! i should have searched! sorry! how ironic right now as i hate reposters. i know how it feels now. thanks for pointing it out crystal!

    /end thread
  4. No doubt! I called the station and e-mailed them. I was CRACKING up. My DH was like WTF is wrong with you! LOL We analyzed the video and he even said the bag looked CHEAP!:roflmfao:
  5. OMG, they should've arrest the girl for carrying to ugly fake! :cursing: ewww! What a nerve she have to say she paid 1200 for it, and believe that's the price pp should pay for LV....booooooo!!!!!:noggin:
  6. No, it's cool! I want everyone to see it. It will get more play here! LOL
  7. lol, that is too funny. especially the ending!!!!!!
  8. Gah. Juan messaged me about this. :push:
  9. What kills me is that chick is so matter-of-fact and so dumb sounding (sorry if it's anyone on this forum!) LOL
  10. Obviously those agents aren't LV experts, because those bags are such baddd fakes :rolleyes:
  11. Argh. Don't worry Crys... I e-mailed KPRC with a rant... :hysteric:

  12. It better NOT be anyone on this forum!!! LOL!!!
  13. haha im sure its no one on here. she reminds me of paris hilton ( and i love paris!)
  14. LOL

    Can you imagine someone innocently viewing the forum unaware their bag is a horrible fake and then opps it's all about me! LMAO!! :roflmfao: :roflmfao: