Oh, the Irony...

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  1. So yesterday I was trying to hurry my butt up to get to the boutique and place my PCE order before it closed at 6...I had to stay a few minutes after work, and also had to stop at the bank before I went, so I was cutting it REALLY close. On my way out of the bank, I saw a woman with a really nasty fake tote...it had this bizarre half-white-optic, half-denim-signature thing going on that I didn't quite understand.

    So I get to my car and start to back out when I see someone coming out of the corner of my eye, and taking their sweet, sweet time... as she s-l-o-w-l-y walks past the back of my car, I see that it's the lady with the fugly fake!

    As I was sitting there waiting to back out until she walked by my car already, I couldn't help thinking how ironic it would be if I didn't make it to the boutique on time and was prevented from making my PCE order that night by a woman with a fake Coach. :roflmfao:
  2. ahahahah that would have been just perfect! damn fake coach's screw us every time!
  3. That sucks. Did you end up making it alright? :smile:
  4. Thats pretty funny, hope you made it intime!
  5. :cursing:
    I would have been P'O'd!
  6. LOL...I did make it in plenty of time, but then there was a problem with the register, so I wound up staying for quite awhile after the doors were locked. I felt bad about it, but the SAs were very gracious! Maybe a fake bag crossing your path is bad luck, like black cats?
  7. HAHA, that's another one to add to "you know you're a coach addict if..." You begin to develop your own list of Coach superstitions. I'm glad you made it to the store on time.
  8. LMAO! Damn you irony! (~shakes fist at irony~)
  9. ^^ :roflmfao: Rapunzel=Awesome.

  10. That would make an awesome thread! :roflmfao: