Oh the irony kills me !

  1. lol ohh boy :smile:
  2. :tdown::rolleyes:
  3. wow!!:tdown:
  4. It says LV "inspired" so it's not like the seller is actually trying to scam anyone...

    I'm not condoning what they're doing... It's just that I don't find it very ironic. IMO it would be ironic if they were trying to sell it as an authentic bag and they said no scams. Maybe I'm missing something here :shrugs:
  5. Selling a fake LV bag (which this is - down to the monogram, dustbag, inside label) is illegal - even if he doesn't claim that it is authentic. If he doesn't want to be part of a scam, he should be destroying the bag, not trying to make $$ off of it.

    Hope this does not come off as too harsh, Claire, just trying to explain...:flowers: