Oh...the Horror!!!

  1. As this is the place for shallow obsessing, I figured I could unload my traumatic experience at the hairdressers today.
    I went in for a little highlight top-off, and while studying my hair under the bright lights, I saw :wtf: my first grey hair:crybaby: !! And it only got worse, as my dear, sweet hairdresser tried to reassure me that it was a single occurence, and then said, "Oh...there may be just a few more!"
    I swear, since turning 33 a few weeks ago, I think I have gone to hell in a handbasket. My mother who thinks that I make CIndy Crawford look bad told me a couple of days ago that it was time to start working out, as I am not getting any younger...and may be getting loose:confused1: :sos: ....so now me and my grey hairs are off to the gym...in a race against time! I am feeling quite put-out about all of this.....I swear I was 18 just yesterday:hysteric: !!!
  2. ok.. im 22 and i have a lot OF grey hair.. bellive me odnt feel old. its nothing to do with age..

    i usually fell ****ty abou tit. but nothing i can do now.. and im only 22 imagine in 10 years what my hair will be like
  3. Oh dear, sorry you're feeling down! :sad:

    Many people start going grey in their teens, though. So I don't really associate it with age, especially if the person has a youthful face.

    I new a boy at college who was noticeably grey (salt and pepper) at 16. He was really good looking in every other way, though and it didn't bother me at all! ;)

    Also, we're lucky, because women can dye their hair without getting the snide comments that men sometimes seem to get. :yes:
  4. I found my 1st grey hair last year. So now I just highlight, and it's not noticeable. (I have med. brown hair) It really did make me sad to find it. As far as working out, try to look at it as time to yourself. I love doing my workout, it makes me feel fabulous. Put on an mp3 player, and go for it! I've never felt better.
  5. Thanks guys...I was not trying to make anyone feel bad about their own grey hair...or hairs (in my case), as I know they can come at any age...I just never had one before today!!!

    Edit...Melissa 71, I was behind on my highlights, which is how this horrid hair made its appearance. Told my hairdresser that I wanted to go darker, and my hair is red!! When I got home my son told me that I look like a rockstar!!!
  6. I have a couple of white hair! LOL! It's so weird. The end is white and the root area is black.
  7. aww...don't be so upset!!

    I'm 23 and saw my first grey hair a few months ago. it has since disappeared but i'm sure that it will be back again with more 'friends'. that's what hair dye is for :biggrin:
  8. Well, I am going to be 38 in January. I HATE IT!!!!! I have several gray hairs and color the crap out of them!! I hate getting older because it makes me feel like I'm that much closer to death! I know that's a downer, but it is true and I am one of those people who absolutely hate getting old.

    I say, color your hair, work out, do whatever you have to do to stay young!!
  9. I am 37 and THANK GOD no gray hairs yet. Remember that episode on Sex and the City when Samantha found one "down there". LOL my favorite line was "if you pull it out, 4 more will come to its funeral!" LOL
    Anne dont feel bad, I am sure you look fabulous and you are the only one who knows its there! :smile: Chin up babe!
  10. My husband is turning 26 this year and his head is halfway grey. But I think men look sexy with greying hair. On the other hand for you, just dye it, no one will know your dirty little secret!
  11. I started coloring my hair a couple years ago before I went grey to spruce up the color, so I've never had to deal w/ that. I'm 40 now and instead I have saggy boobs and cellulite from hell. I still look in the mirror and think I'm 20 LOL!
  12. Don't let the grey hair get to you. If it makes you feel any better, my Mom discovered my first grey hair when I was 7 years old.:flowers:
  13. I am 48 and I just started finding a few gray strays here and there about a year ago. I'm finding more now and I have to consider coloring my hair at the hairdresser's. I had been putting over the counter stuff on and that was working for awhile but now I think I need permanent hair color.

    I am very vain so I'll be covering it and soon.
  14. Yes....I think four more already arrived in anticipation of the impending funeral!!! Well...now all those hairs are a suprising shade of red.....:graucho: and they thought they had me beat!!!!
    Thanks for all the kind words....I am usually a very low-maintenance kind of girl....but seeing that grey hair was still quite a shock!!!!
  15. Don't feel bad I am only 34 and I have more than a few on my head. Mine look like white hair not really gray thou. My mother said it is because I am wise:rolleyes: