Oh the hell with it...!


Jul 1, 2008
So I decided that I was going to post a picture of my collection of Balenciagas' too. I mentioned on a different thread that I would get around to doing it and since I'm cleaning now, I thought there's no better time before I have to store them all away. My dilemma is where do I put them all? I have more that aren't in the picture. The missing ones are the Bronze City which has not arrived in the mail yet, my Charcoal mini mini coin purse which got lost somewhere in the clutter as I'm cleaning out everything and 2 wallets, the Marine long flap wallet from an earlier year that I gave to my new best friend because I just never used it (it was kind of hard to resist giving it to her once she laid eyes on it, I mean she just fell in love and uses it everyday; took it camping too) and a deep purple one that was also long but zipped around to my mom because again I don't use Balenciaga's large wallets. It's not the Eggplant color, it just slipped my mind right now. I'm a rookie at posting pictures so let's hope they show up. Lol! And one last thing before I forget to mention it. I know there's a couple of moms on this forum. Now before my own mother has a heart attack, feel free to not only give me a lecture but a whacking :lecture: if I mention anything close to getting a new bag. All these that you see in the photo minus the white one were my July/August purchases (so I'm doing a great job catching up to some of you with the ENORMOUS collections; I'm still envious!). Most of you know this as you were the dear souls that parted with your bags. So I'm officially banning myself from anymore purchases until almost the end of time being that I have not realized until today just how many Bbags I have accumulated. God bless old school cleaning!


In case it wasn't clear....:banned:...until maybe the dead of time! (Let's see how that holds up! :shame: )



Jul 1, 2008
I forgot to mention I have a Pewter coin purse (the larger one) and an Electric Yellow coming soon. See...? I can't keep up with my own collection...Decophile how do you it?


one is never enough
Jul 5, 2007
Oh my gawd! You have a rainbow two times over!! you need to blow this up!!

amazing. absolutely. I adore all of them!! :love:

can you name the colors for us? :smile:


Jul 1, 2008
Yeah I totally love colored Bbags! Sure I'll name them! (Blushing) Um...I don't know how to do it. I've never taken any photos before and posted them online. I'm a real rookie at this. If anyone looking at this thread wants to give me a tutorial on how to post amazing photos (because I've seen a bunch of beautiful ones here on TPF) my email address is angelwingsdeviltail@yahoo.com.

The colors and sizes are as follows:

First Row
Apple Green Weekender
Navy Weekender

Second Row
Jaune Work
Pewter Work

Third Row
Ruby City (My first brand spanking new one got on 8/28/2008 from BalNy)
Ink City
Gray City

Fourth Row
Eggplant City
Turquoise City (2004 for clarification because there's a bunch of Turquoises)
Pewter City

Fifth Row
Apple Green First
Pink City
Midnight Blue First (Super rare HG)

Sixth Row
Dark Turquoise First
White First
Seafoam First

Seventh Row
Indigo First
Pewter First
Plomb First

Eighth Row
Vert D'eau Twiggy
Ink First
Eggplant First

Ninth Row
Metallic Magenta Mini Twiggy
Argent Mini Mini Coin Purse

Missing Items
Charcoal Mini Mini Coin Purse
Pewter Coin Purse (the larger one)
Marine Long Flap Wallet (given to a dear friend)
Violet Long Zippered Wallet (given to my dear mother...she's a doll!)
Electric Yellow Coin Purse (getting in the mail soon)
Metallic Bronze City (getting in the mail soon)
And any others that I have forgotten...I apologize! My collection is really new and hard for me to keep track of...:shame:


Mar 26, 2008
:tender::tender::tender: Amazing!! Your collection is beautiful and your writing is so cute, I was giggling the whole time while reading it. What color are all your light blue ones? Are they Vert d'eau?