Oh, the guilt...I've strayed!

  1. LOL...Although Louie is not my one and only, he is my main squeeze....but today I strayed.

    I went to the coach outlet, for the first time...and went a little crazy. I :heart: , :heart: everything I got, and OMG! the prices, so cheep....so why do I feel so guilty???
  2. You're probably feeling guilty from cheating on Monsieur Vuitton. Do not fret, you will always return to the best that is Louis.

    PS- I used to work at Coach so I'm not the biggest fan of their stuff...
  3. shame on you straying on Louis how could you...no one beats Louis...I spent the day with him and we had a great time...I too own coach but, sadly it is made in China which bugs me...they do have some nice stuff..congrats those prices are hard to beat...Louis is pricey but, worth it...
  4. I must admit that Coach is my other vice since it is so affordable and easy to attain. It is nice to be able to add some fun purses and accessories to the collection. Congrats!
  5. post pics of what you got!!!
  6. don't feel bad! straying is okay, you know you'll always come back. :biggrin: I love coach's leather stuff, it is gorgeous and my other vice besides LV! plus, they have great, cheap accessories.
  7. You will go back to louis.
  8. Lol, before you know it...I am going tomorrow.

    But I do love the coach totes, since you can zip them, or the zipper opens all the way and the flaps can lay flat and make a true tote.