oh! the frustration!

  1. Okay, I stepped out today in a fairly fabulous outfit (a Dolce & Gabbana trim jacket, Dolce & Gabbana ink jeans, and black Gucci patent leather page pumps). What's driving me crazy are the Wolford Satin Touch knee-highs I'm wearing with it. I love these knee-highs, but they won't stay up, and my jeans are too tight to keep pulling up the knee-highs. Would I have been better off with pantyhose? Does anyone here wear pantyhose with jeans and pumps? Thanks!
  2. If the panythose is making you uncomfortable, then you definitely would've been better off without. I don't see why you are wearing one though. Is it still cold where you are? Cause that's the only reason I ever wear pantyhoses hehe.