oh, temptation!

  1. i was just checking out the aloha rag stock and they have the rouille purse...it is so tempting! i'm trying to hold off to see the new colors, but the rouille is so fabulous and i'm afraid i'll never be able to find it once i'm finally able to afford it again.
    oh decisions, decisions.
    what's tempting you guys right now?
  2. An Ink Purse is tempting me.. trying hard to hold out for the new colours too.
  3. i would get the rouille purse if i were you (i can't cuz i have a rouille bag). i love the color and style! i haven't seen one yet either.
  4. yes, yes, get the rouille purse pippop, i've got a rouille first & i'm soooooooooooooooooo in love with it :love:
  5. I know, we're bad influence...but get it before it's too late!!!!:angel:
  6. good to know that some people think rouille is a cute color.. I don't really like it but somehow my friends persuaded me to order the same exact bags as them (we're going to be triplets :P ) and now I'm starting to regret my momentary insanity as I just saw an ink city I'm dying for being sold in ebay..

    Anyway, why don't you just order them and re-sell it in ebay if you change your mind? ;)
  7. Get It!!!!
  8. I think the Rouille is a beautiful color! Ashleby's pics really made me want it. I love how the red color of her bag intensified as she wore her bag more. I'm hoping to check one out in person this weekend(hoping the NM in SF will have some in stock). Like you, I am afraid that if I pass up the Rouille now, I won't be able to get it later and I'll regret it! I'm feeling the same way about the Ink, too, but I'm thinking that the upcoming Blueberry will be close enough to make me feel ok about missing out on the Ink if I don't get it. As for the Rouille, I don't see anything that looks like it. That red orange is really unqiue imho. Lol...sorry for rambling. lol.
  9. ^^^100% agree!!!

    Ashleby's awesome bag was my inspiration too! I got a Rouille Box from AH and love it - it's so unique and I get lots of compliments!!!

    Rouille!! Rouille!!!
  10. yea~~ get it~~get it!!! if you change your mind, you can always resell it on ebay!!!
  11. get it get it!!!
  12. LOL! That's been my motto one too many times!That rationale has broke down my barrier on more than one occassion. :shame:
  13. Go get it, hun... I just got one, and it's TDF... Initially I's holding off too because I want to see the fire engine red (Fall06), but I'm kindda disappointed with that red colors...

    I think you won't regret it... Roullie matched perfectly with my khaki/ any brownish outfit...