Oh stop me now!

  1. So-out of sheer boredom, I went to look at some eBay auctions of people who I KNOW sell authentic Coach products. well-the first one i go to look at, they have the wallet that I posted before for $50 less than on the Coach site! And, it is brand new! Argh! This one:


    i am sooo tempted! but, first of all-not sure if I should spend any more money, and, hubby and I share an eBay account-and he would have a stroke if he saw me buy a wallet for $138.00-he thinks they should cost about $15.00 tops.:rolleyes:

    Ugh-what to do...what to do...:biggrin:
  2. I'm trying to be good and not say what I really want you to do ;]
  3. What's that abandoned? You think I should buy it? Perhaps get someone with an eBay account to buy it for me on their account? Hmm-is that what you are thinking? LOL I am bad-i know-badddddddddd

  4. I plead the 5th! I plead the 5th! :angel:
  5. What's that? you are going to go and open an account and buy it for me? Wow-how sweet of you!:roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:

    OK-now, seriously, what to do (we need a tapping foot smilie)
  6. LOL I would but I am trying my best to stay away from eBay myself.

  7. I think that wallet will be on eBay fairly regularly, and you should hold out until you can find it for less than $50 off. I don't think that's a good enough deal yet, since the factory stores may have them for around $100. So stay strong! You don't need to buy it!
  8. If it helps any, I got ripped off with a fake wallet on ebay recently. Now I will ONLY shop in the stores. They faked the paper, box, tag, and even the booklet.......and of course the wallet.
  9. Really? You think I could do better than $50 off? Well-that makes me feel better! Thanks!
  10. I think you could, yeah. This isn't a seasonal item, and while they do change the details every year or so I think there's a solid chance of getting one for better than $50 off. I got an earlier veresion of this wallet at Marshall's last winter for $98.
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