Oh Stinkerbelle, I feel your pain...........

  1. Stinkerbelle, it seems as though my bag is being held for ransom with yours:crybaby: I ordered her the day it went to 50% off on the JC site 7/12/07 (as my wonderful SA could not obtain one from any of the US Boutiques) I was SO excited when I received a confirmation of shipping:yahoo: 7/13/07 and it said 2-3 days for delivery.
    Well, my bag has been HELD in OH since 7/15/07 with the same info Fish & Wildlife/DDP:wtf:
    (Hopefully they are together, keeping each other company:sad:)
    I am hoping you have some ideas on how to get our bags from those awful bag thieves:mad: Should we :bagslap: the DHL driver if and when we get the delivery?
    I too have been tracking my baby's progress and the whole situation is :hs:
  2. Your bag too, Robyn? Everyone's bags from the jc.com 50% off sale should have arrived yesterday or today, so I was expecting to see tons of pics. And now this?:confused1: Well, they won't hold it forever, right?

    That Rock is a GREAT bag. I didn't even see it on the sale site of jc.com, was too blinded by my metallic Maddy. After I finally put on my Blu-Blockers, they were all gone!:crybaby: I'm sure you'll love it, so pretty!:heart:
  3. I finally got my shoes today, they were held in customs as well. Maybe the fish and game thing is because your bags are watersnake? I know they will not ship certain skins to the US. Or maybe there is someone who is really jealous of all the Choo-licious bags and shoes we all got during the sale and they are making us wait! Seriously, when I got my shoes today there were hold stickers all over the box and then clearance stamps on top of them so who knows..:cursing:
  4. OMG! As much as I feel your pain, I have to say...thank GOD I am not alone! Those dasterdly bagnappers have met their match! They have not yet dealt with....The Purse Forum! :graucho:

    We will retrieve our bags....by force if necessary! To arms! This is not a time to be faint of heart!

    Again....I gotta tell ya....I don't know if it's too much caffeine....the pic of the little smilie on the horse, or just REALLY wanting my bag....but I think I'm a bit too passionate about this issue! ;)

    Seriously though, I have done all there is to be done. I've called DHL and they told me that once the package reaches it's destination location, it will be delivered within 24 hours. DUH! But what about the hold-up in customs??? No response to that question. I emailed JC, but it's the crack of dawn there, so who knows when I'll hear back from them.

    So. My car is all gassed up, I have a suitcase full of small, unmarked bills ready to go at a moments notice and if the call comes, I'll try and get both of our bags away from the bagnappers! :roflmfao:
  5. :roflmfao::roflmfao:

    Stinkerbelle I will be dropping off my DD tomorrow for 10 days of vacation and summer camp, so if you want, I will load up the car and grab unmarked bills and meet you in OH (maybe we could grab bonniec for moral support :boxing:& if she's game). Just say the word!
    I can not believe the customs dept has time to worry about bags with watersnake trim:confused1: I spent several years working for a company who manufactures Military Aerospace equipment and I had to apply for the export licenses to ship my hardware internationally and it never seemed to be this difficult:shocked: Maybe the customs department employees are trying all of our bags & shoes on for size before they release them to DHL for delivery:sneaky:
  6. Well. There you go. The pieces to the puzzle are beginning to fit! My husband spent 20 years in the US Navy assigned to nuclear submarines....I think we have our first clue! You worked indirectly for the military....my husband was in the military.....are ya seein' where I'm going??? :p

    I think Bonniec will be with us when we attempt to break our bags out of customs....she can be our getaway driver!! You and I will sneak in and grab the bags....if I lag behind a bit, well, you know, I haven't been to the gym as often as I should have lately. In the end, I just WANT MY BAG!!!
  7. Yeah, swing by and pick me up. I'll be the distracting body double for Robyn. :nuts: They won't know the difference. With my driving, I can guarantee you nobody wants to be anywhere near me!
  8. This was fun to read:roflmfao: I think you ladies should get together and write a spy/mystery novel. Looking forward to seeing your bags once they arrive. Hang in there!
  9. He he he, we can DEFINITELY use you too, Samantha!! You could be the distracting eye candy. Imagine the front line of officers and sniffing dogs stopping dead in their tracks, the ones behind toppling over them, while Robyn and Stinker take off...

    Me, I'll head over to the White Castle, because after all of this we'll be pretty hungry. Or Popeye's... depends if you want beef or chicken. (I miss CA)
  10. :roflmfao::roflmfao:
    That is a great idea Bonnie, we'll use Samantha in a pair of shorts and one of her gorgeous pairs of shoes to be the distraction, we'll have you with:biguns: driving the getaway car and Stinkerbelle & I will just grab any box marked JC London. After we have safely gotten away, had some good food (Please NOT Whiteys or Popeye's:throwup: - like some fresh seafood or steak:drinkup:) we will go through the boxes and deliver all the kidnapped Choo's to their rightful owners:yahoo:

    Stinkerbelle, I think you are right, before I moved to MN, I lived in So. CA and I worked for the Dept of Defense for 11 years in the Electronic Warfare Directorate and Airborne Threat Simulations, so maybe they think we are a potential threats w/watersnake bags:ninja:
  11. Count me in:roflmfao::roflmfao:

    Shorts,check.4" Jimmy Choos ,check.
  12. You guys are so funny!!!
  13. :roflmfao:

    I like your ideas of using Bonniec and Samantha to their full potiential....we need all the help we can get! Bonniec's crazy driving and Samantha's legs (OK, now we're starting to sound just a bit like pimps...but it's for a good cause Samantha!)

    However, I think I may have found a flaw in our plan. Uhhh....the next time we attempt to come up with a secret plan to foil the bagnappers, perhaps we shouldn't put it on a public forum!!

    Because the bagnappers have taken swift action. I checked DHL today, and guess what? My "Clearance Delay" has turned into a "Shipment on Hold"!!!!!! Has that happened to you as well Robyn?

    I also heard back from JC and they said it's basically out of their hands but they would "look into it."

    The shipment is now on HOLD???? This is SO frustrating!!

    I think we should use our non-existant military training and storm the building! Oh, and once we get in? I want to release boxes FULL of watersnakes! :p
    This has become personal...... :cursing:
  14. :roflmfao::roflmfao:

    We may have to go back in and rescue YOU! :smile:
  15. Is all of this going on in Cleveland OH??? If it is, let me know where and I can go check it out for you , if you all want. I work nights so days are free.

    This is annoying... and it's not even my bag!