Oh, so that was my mistake...


Jul 29, 2009
My husband doesn't really understand why anyone needs more than one $50 purse at a time - but he humors "some" of what I want to buy. I've been trying to convince him, but without educating him on what other ladies pay for clothes, shoes and bags.

So today I showed him a Holt Renfrew ad from the paper, with among other things a dress that looked like a long T-shirt for $375 and a bag that looked like a couple of squares of leather sewn together with a strap for $1795.

I said "here's something that will make you think anything I want is reasonable".

I showed him the picture of the bag and said I could get 6-12 Coach (I like the small sizes that are $150-200 more than the larger ones that are $300 and up) or the whole collection of LV I want (Mono or Damier Ebene Speedy 25, Pochette Accessoires and Zippy Coin Purse).

I think I'm making some progress because he said he was so happy he didn't marry an ex-girlfriend who only ever shopped at Holts.

My birthday is coming up, I have to be sure he sees all these Holts' ads so he thinks I'm being "reasonable"! :yahoo:


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May 23, 2009
tiggycat - that is too funny! My hubby is very frugal cause things are tight right now. DD going to college in fall, upward medical expenses, etc. He would love to buy me a Steve Madden or Perlina bag for $50 because his mindset isn't into high end bags but that's okay because fortunately I'm the one who purchases them. I must say though, having been on both ends, fancy cars, expensive bags, etc., I feel most comfortable not standing out and living comfortably.

I still can't honestly tell the difference between a premier designer bag and a designer bag especially when they both come from the same country! I own both and I still have difficulty seeing a difference! Sometimes I wonder if it's in our mindsets. I buy based on beauty and style and craftsmanship and could care less who the designer is as long as it's gorgeous!

Good luck and I hope you score a great gift! I'm routing for ya! :woohoo::balloon:

Lady Stardust

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Nov 28, 2009
Most men just don't understand bags in general, when I went to stay with my bf for the summer I brought 3 giant suitcases (I'm a girl, I need stuff! and I'm a heavy packer) his first words to me when I got off the plane were, "Lili, 3 suitcases..." with a super confused face then a frown because he realized he'd have to carry them to the car lol :P


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Apr 25, 2006
Hehe... it's like a reverse psychology. It might work!!

DH usually plays the excuse game that I'm not like my sibling who's married to wealth and he can't afford to buy me a luxury bag each month. I counter it by saying I don't expect a luxury bag each month; I would just be happy with having a budget within our means for a bag expense each month or the year. So what if my sibling has a budget beyond our wildest imaginations, I only care about what *my* budget is ;) I think I've got him there!

I have luxury bags but I also enjoy lower end bags because I love the hunt for bags that make me happy.


Jul 29, 2009
Thanks BgaHolic - honestly most of the really high end bags don't appeal to me at all (like Birkins or Chanel for example). Speedy 25 is about the most costly I'd ever want, and even then I'd only use it on special occasions. I never even would have wanted that until I came on here, you all are a bad influence! I love your dog by the way, even though I'm usually a cat person.


May 16, 2008
tiggycat, you are a wise woman!!! :biggrin:

Thanks for making my laugh and giving me something to think about at the same time...and as always, BgaHolic, I appreciate your love for a quality handbag, regardless of label and price point. You have a very healthy attitude! :heart: