OH SO special delivery

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  1. Today I got quite a surprise!!!

    FedEx came rumbling up, in the morning!!
    This never happens!!

    Now, I was indeed expecting a delivery this afternoon, but this morning I received this gorgeous mousseline, FROM MY DD!!! She is 14, but she organized to call my SA and have a chat!


    Croquis Champs de Course Mousseline! (Yes, it was technically on hold but clever girl called and got it for me!!)
    cdc2.jpg CDC mousse2.jpg cdc.jpg
  2. You may be saying, well, thats nice, but OH SO special??

    Well, CDC had a travelling companion!!!!
  3. What a wonderful daughter and a super surprise!
    That is beautiful.
  4. Guess Who??!!!
    my new cousin.jpg
  5. Hey! That alone is AMAZING!
  6. Wait ...is that Princess B?

    Shacking up already with the new mousse in town...damn..that lady works fast!

    The mousse is yummy..your DD is very thoughtful!:smile:
  7. Congrats!!! I love the CdC mousse, what a great DD you have there.

    ..... and she is with Princess B!!!
  8. CB--that is such a special delivery indeed! What a sweetheart of a DD you have! And to have Princess B there! How perfect!
  9. cobaltblu, you trained your daughter well! :yes: and congrats on such a precious present, it's so thoughtful & sweet of her!
  10. Ohhhhh, it is stunning!!! The color is so yummy! What a wonderful DD you have.
  11. What GREAT TASTE your DD has!! and What great timing Princess B has:graucho:!!

    Congratulations...YOUR NEW MOUSS. is so GORGEOUS!!:yahoo:

  12. my favourite design, congratulations, it's gorgeous as a mousseline, your DD has great taste! I'm trying to tell myself it's OK for me to get it in mousseline, I have the carre, love it.
  13. That piece is STUNNING! That your DD had a hand it makes it even sweeter! What a beautiful piece for the new spring/summer months!

    Congrats and thank you for sharing!
  14. Don't you just love to learn that your kids understand all about being nice and surprises and making people happy?? It's truly wonderful...to know that they hear us lol!! Good job mom!! Nice!
  15. Beautiful!!!