Oh, so many choices in Damier

  1. I recently got my first piece of Damier, the Duomo. Oh my gosh, I am totally in love with Damier. The only problem is there are so many more items that I don't have that I really want! I'm thinking about the Damier koala agenda. Does anybody have some good suggestions on my next piece of Damier? More importantly, is there any item I should stay away from, due to quality control issues (the damier speedy lining, for example) or just because the item doesn't function for you? I'm not planning on buying a handbag, I really want to use my Duomo. Just looking for some cute accessories to match it.
  2. damier koala wallet! it's TDF and will look dazzling with your duomo! or a cles? or a key holder!
  3. OMG the Duomo! :love: That one is definitely next on my list.

    I wish they made more in Damier. For what's out now, the Koala wallet, the little Koala change purse, and small agenda are adorable, and I love the french purse. Or...maybe consider something in red Vernis? I love red with Damier.
  4. Some great suggestions! I, too, love the red with Damier. That's a great idea.
  5. if they made the duomo in a mini size i'd get it!!! i absolutely adore the style but its toooooooo big for me!
  6. i think the damier koala wallet would look great with your duomo! the damier koala agenda too, if you need an agenda.
  7. I know how you feel. I reallyreallyreally want the cosmetic bag!! (the arched one - I'm too lazy to go look up the name, sorry!) :s
  8. the Duomo is gorgeous and you made a great choice.

    I have the koala wallet that I use with my Damier Alma and Manhattan GM. I really like it.

    You could try the Zippy - it might offer more uses for you and places to put stuff, or get a Wapity which I believe has a small handle so you could use it both in and out of the handbag - have fun.
  9. I tried the Dumomo on this weekend....my gosh I LOVED it!!!!!
    I would suggest maybe the wallet & a cles!
  10. The Duomo is such a beautiful bag!:heart:Great choice! I'd get a Cles, wallet(zippy looks great), and an agenda. I like the idea of pairing the Damier bags with either Red or Framboise Vernis accessories, too.
  11. Thanks everyone! I already have a mono wapity, but the zippy organizer in Damier looks really nice! The only thing is the price of the zippy is way up there. I think my money might be better spent on an agenda and a cles. Thanks for all the great ideas! Whatever I decide on, I definitely will post pics.:smile:
  12. congratulations on your new duomo. i think its a great choice cus i love the shape. However, its waaaay too big for me. no, its just me, im too petite. i cant carry off the duomo.
  13. I love Duomo, it's on my list. Have you posted a picture of you wearing it? If not, please do and note your height. I vote on Koala wallet to match your Duomo.:yes:
  14. Duomo is TDF!
    I got the chelsea several months ago and love it for work/catechism classes(I teach ) and will use it for a trip to Las Vegas next month. It holds tons of stuff and I get complements , I love that it is not common and it makes me feel like its a 'special edition".
    I also use my speedy as often, always on the weekend and out with friends and hubby.
    I recently got the mini lin speedy, haven't taken it out for a spin yet, but love its dark, rich looking linen fabric. As you can see I love speedy style!
    I may wait til next summer, cause its pretty light and watch comments from those who bought it already as to the wear.
    You can't go wrong with any style, I love its rich color and brown leather trim.