Oh so happy! Not 1 but 2!

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  1. I am so happy today, I've received not 1 but 2 (yes 2!) new mulberries.

    I'm gonna make this a slow and painful reveal though because I've got to go and do the school run.

    I'll show you the first new (to me) bag - this is what I'm calling my meet bag and is my replacement for the Oak Hanover that was mugged off me on Sunday!!!!:biggrin:

    OD was right!

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  2. Can anybody guess what's in this box that was delivered a minute ago by UPS though?

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  3. Lipstick A4 tote?? ;)
  4. Love, love, love Mabel. She's one of my very, very favourites. Congratulations! BUT what's in the box????????? I haven't a clue!
  5. Hey fuzzy I was going to say that!
  6. Spot on I'd say Fuzzy!!! Come on Ali- grab those kids and make them run home!!!
  7. LOL just a guess, as that seemed to be on the hot list from a few recent posts :graucho:
  8. Oh blimey - I guess I should be more quiet about what I'm currently lusting after! Its no good - I can't drag it out!

    Here you go - absolutely right - Mulberry Roxy A4 Tote in Lipstick and its absolutely gorgeous - I LOVE IT!!!!:yahoo::yahoo:

    and I was going to let her do a little strip tease for you look:-

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  9. Oops sorry for foiling your plan! :blush:

    Great choices on both bags! :greengrin:

    Will lipstick tote be accompanying you to school?
  10. She is gorgeous and suits you a treat! Big Congratulations!
  11. From the posing pic, I think that it loves you too!
  12. both are lovely and the pink tote suits you. who muuged the bag off you ?
  13. Fabulous Ali, on both counts. I think they size of the A4 suits you more than the enormous one you tried at Bicester.
  14. Lovely - both of them! Congrats!!:greengrin:
  15. Ali, they're both gorgeous. What a wonderful day for you.