Oh SO disappointed with my first online purchase

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  1. I just received my first online purchase from CL today for a pair of Mater Claude 85 with the red tip. I was so excited to get 'em in lieu of the VP since I couldn't find it in my size.

    To my surprise, the red tip of the shoes are scuffed; like they already rubbed off. The right pair is pretty noticeable too.

    I just hope I won't have any problems returning these. Has anyone had this problem?

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  2. Gosh, I hope not. I would let them know about it right away so they don't think it happened in your care.
  3. Definitely email them and straight away.
  4. omgoodness! that is not acceptable AT ALL!
  5. I left them two voicemail messages already (the first one as soon as I realized the problem) plus an email with the pics but they haven't responded. I really want to ship this back this afternoon but I don't know if I need to wait for them to respond first. Ugh!
  6. thats awful! I hope you can exchange them without any problems!
  7. That's horrible. The quality of his shoes has been declining lately.
  8. Sorry this happened to you.
  9. A similar situation happened with my daffs. The heel cap was off center and the red sole overlapped a part of the heel (sorry i'm not good with descriptions). I sent them emails and pictures and they gladly said they would exchange it without any problems.

    Good luck to you!! HTH!
  10. hmm... they look like they can be wiped off.... If you really love them and don't want to give up on them, I would try to fix the scuffs first.

    Have you tried to "smudge" them with your fingers? Try this, if this doesn't work, add some water. Next up, you can try some vaseline. Otherwise, get some rubbing alcohol (not peroxide) which often does the trick. If all else fails, try Meltonian's cleaning lotion which works really well too but you may have to buy a bottle of this first which costs ~10$.

    Good luck!
  11. ^^ I wouldn't want to try running alcohol

    And OP, this is definitely not acceptable! If you wanted a damaged shoe, you would've gone to ebay and bought it for a fraction of the price.
  12. contact them immediately. thats unacceptable
  13. Ya, I really don't wanna try to fix this myself no matter how much I love them.

    I've called their 888 number several times and only kept getting voicemail. I also emailed with the pics but they still haven't responded. Their customer service is just as frustrating!