Oh so Bored at Work..

  1. My manger hasn't been in the past two days, and although I have things to do, they can technically wait...

    So it got me thinking, how many of you slack off when your supervisor isn't in the office?
  2. :shame: ummm yeah i dont want to be here right now i want to go home, the office is totally empty this week and my "projects" are boring me to death, i almost fell asleep at my desk. So im on TPF talking to you guys and looking for my next "obsession" and figuring out how to fund it, lol
  3. ditto!!! hehehe...*sigh..* im also nursing a hang over! lol
  4. lol i slack off even when he's in the office. he started his vacation today....woohoo he's off for a month. i'm just chillin' :whistle:

    but i'm definitely bored...thank God for TPF!!!
  5. Yes, that would be me.
  6. Meee tooo.
  7. HAHA just got back from a two hour lunch...this is great!
  8. During the months of July & August I slack off all the time, even when the boss is in. I work in a school so when the kids & teachers are out for summer break, I'm bored to death. I find myself on TPF all day :biggrin:
  9. me too..do you guys chat with your co-workers?
    some how, maybe because I'm still new, its hard for me to chat with them...
  10. i definitely chat with my co-worker, we are always emailing each other pics/ links of purses, shoes, clothes, etc.
  11. I only chat with a few of my co-workers. Most of them are at least 20 years older than me so they don't think I'm good enough for them.
  12. its' good that you guys can do that, the person I talk to the most is my boss!!! and he's a guy so it's hard to talk about purses with him!

    the rest...IDK..hard to talk to them..maybe I'm a bit reserved..but there is one person who is not 'too nice' to me...sigh..
  13. I'm bored too, but I have to pretend I'm not because I'm the most senior in the office today .... but I did get clearance for all of us to leave at 4pm, which is exactly what I'm going to do!
  14. Me! I'm a big slacker..hehe.
  15. My co-worker is not too talkative, so I don't get to chat much. :sad: There's not many people near me because the offices are so far apart.