Oh SNAP! Coach made my dream bag!!!

  1. Click here for my DREAM BAG:


    With the white leather! :nuts:

    Here is my issue...I have no money. I have to be a good girl and save it all for Christmas and there is an off chance (doubt it but I am praying) for a bonus at work. I work in the mortgage industry (both DH and I do) so I should be thankful just to have a job...but then I found her.

    My dream bag! :love: :love: :love:

    Medium, skinny Carly accented in white leather, and I can't even bring her home. :crybaby:

    DH doesn't understand. I told him all about it (you know, hint hint - not like it would make a bit if difference) and he said, "Are you seriously going to cry over a bag?!?"

    I sure am.

    IF I get a bonus, I don't get it until January 30th, 2008. Any Coach experts, do you think this bag will even be available 2 months from now???

    Well, DH doesn't understand, but you do, so thank you for drooling with me, and understanding my sadness.

    If it's meant to be... :shrugs:

    Oh, I hope so!!! :love:
  2. it just came out, so i guarantee it will be around for another two months, especially with how popular the carly has become.
    fret not, and i can commiserate with you about having no money...trust me...it isn't easy but keep your head up and try to focus on your family, things will get better, they ALWAYS do!!!!

    :heart: hugs and if you need to talk about anything pm me ok?
  3. Candace...you are a rock star! Thank you SO much for giving me hope!

    And of course, you are right, there are way more important things to consider now (like my family)...I need to keep on the straight and narrow! :p I just hope for a sweet reward!

    Thanks again, lady! You are the best!!! :flowers:
  4. I would think that it would be around in 2 months because they just came out. The chocolate Carly has been around since sometime this summer and it's still out!!

    I can totally understand the money thing. I usually have to sell off a purse or something to get something like a purse and My DH doesn't understand either. I wouldn't be able to normally get something for myself this close to christmas if I didn't have a store credit and sold some coach shoes that didn't fit.

    I hope you get your bonus and get your Carly!!!:choochoo:
  5. Thanks for listening! I really do appreciate it!

    I just told DH how lovely it would look under the Christmas tree! He rolled his eye's at me! :rolleyes:
  6. this has been a hard time for our family too so i know where you are coming from, and i know i look at nice stuff because it is kind of a distraction...and even if i can't get it now i know that if i am patient and just take care of the things i have to, good things will come my way!!!! :heart:
  7. You are just wonderful!!!

    So is that you in your avatar? Is a "Congrats to You" in order!?
  8. hehe yes that's me and DH, our wedding was June 23rd of this year. :smile:
  9. Well, then, CONGRATS TO YOU!!!!!! :tup: That is SO awesome!!!

    You two look great together!!! I wish you the absolute BEST!!! :flowers:
  10. I too used to work in the mortgage industry (sub-prime), and I remember having to wait a long time for bonuses to come through. Hang in there! I am sure that the slim Carly will be around for a while. :yes:
  11. Aw poor freckles,i totally understand your dilemma about the dh part i have a df that thinks im nuts for spending that much on a bag but,then i remind him about all the rounds of golf he playes and clubs he buys,then he just grumbles lol.and by the way welcome.:smile:
  12. Oh, hon. Hang in there. Who knows what might happen...
  13. Hello, everyone!

    So it has been almost 24 agonizing hours since I looked at my new "The Bag of my Dreams!" bag!

    I am rediculous, I know.

    I am just a girl, in love with a bag! :tender:
  14. Well, it could be worse, your dream bag could be an Hermes kelly like mine *sigh* Having a son with autism makes that sort of not reality (at least for now). Hang in there--I'm sure it will be around in a few months and family is the most important!