OH SNAP!! a teal coco cabas is on its way to my house!!

  1. The fates are really tempting me now! I just got home from dinner and there was a message on my answering machine from a lovely SA from NM (who found me my modern chain flap and who I talked to BEFORE my rules were in place) and --you guessed it-- she found me the teal coco cabas!!!:wtf: :push: :sweatdrop:
    She immediately charged it to my card, packed her up and is ready to send her off!
    Now off course, I can't tell her to call the whole thing off before I see this bag!
    Gahhh!! This is going to be a real test of my resolve...me thinks I am going to crack under the pressure...
  2. hahahaha, well, good for you, try it on yourself b4 you decide what to do....(loophole....hehehe...)

    congrats anyway!!
  3. OMG!!!!! Your post should read: It was the best of times, it was the worst of times!!!!! LOL!!!

    A teal bag is a rare one....and I did see this one IRL.....beautiful color!!! You have to keep it!!!!! And since this was all before the rules were in place, I think we have to be honest here.......keep the teal cabas......now the rules can go into affect for real!!!
  4. OH GOOD!! A Chanel and not an Hermes!:lol:
  5. ^^Hikaru--I had also mentioned that a friend might want the black mc flap (same one you had and I just got) and she mentioned that she may have tracked one down...are you interested? if not, anyone?
    This woman is a bloodhound!!

  6. OMGosh...I see your point...this was REALLY pre-rules, wasn't it?? (loop hole):shrugs:
  7. That is great! This purchase doesn't count with your new rules since you made the phone call prior to it. Can't wait to see pics.
  8. Hey thanks for the offer! But that's NM right? well I can't shop at NM. And I am kinda broke at this point anyway (just got a new car). I would love to buy one but my husband might divorce me...I won't risk my marriage unless I see a absolutely TDF bag (don't tell my DH I said that...)
  9. Rules are meant to be broken:yes: ....BUT WHAT ABOUT THE HERMES:rolleyes:
    Can't wait to see pictures:yahoo:
    BTW I love hearing messages like that on my phone (from SA's that find a certain bag that I wanted)..espically when I had a crazy day
  10. Rocker-u said it ur self, it was BEFORE u set the rules.....the rules always goes like "from THIS point on, i will go by ........rules" so.....why don't u post some pix for us to say the Yay or Nay? :ban:
  11. Rules are rules......and yours were not in place at that time!!!!!
  12. I don't think this bag should count (pre-rule)!!
  13. OMGosh, I love you guys!!!
  14. I concur.
  15. Nope it doesn't count.....as long as you wear it on the 30th and let me try it on!