OH! Should I open PayPal dispute since seller "has not" ship my LV?

  1. Hello, I won LV Mono Keepall 60 Bandouliere w/o strap, loop & tag on Jan, 24 and I think it's great deal as I bought it for $295 only, although the handles pretty dark.
    eBay: Vintage Well Maintained Louis Vuitton LV Keepall 55 (item 250075706457 end time Jan-24-07 21:07:50 PST)

    I sent her PayPal on Jan, 25 coz I need to know the total I've to pay-she's not provide me shipping cost till auction ended- then she said it's free ( she's in Australia ) so I paid $295 only.

    Over 1 week even almost 2 weeks, I never heard anything from her & I ask her about transaction & shipping status. A few days later, she said has shipped out but never respond back my message & email about tracking number and the shipping method she used.

    Almost 3 weeks, she emailed me that will check the status for me.
    Till now I never received it yet while my LV from UK that I bought on Jan, 30 has arrived since Jan, 18. I affraid if I passed PayPal time to file claim.

    Yesterday, seller emailed me that the item was returned by wrong address! OMG! I asked her when the exactly the item was returned & why she never inform me nor let me know to confirm my address. She has not responded yet till now.

    Please advice, should I start to open PayPal dispute as on this Feb, 24 it'll reach 1 month but I has not receive my LV yet.

    Sorry for long thread... :shame:

  2. yes file right away.
  3. Oh well, I dunno what about in your case, do u think the seller i trustable?

    but just FYI, i see in your case that paypal would only give u back $200 minus inspection fee an so on ($25), so u will receive only $175.

    im so sorry u have to go through this..
    good luck!
  4. File right now. She will have to prove that she sent the item otherwise you will get your money back. Don't wait!
  5. Yes file your claim now! You can always close a claim, but you cannot open one if it's too late. You can explain to the seller that you have had to do this for your own protection.
  6. I believe you have 45 days to file with Paypal.

    Is your seller in Australia or Singapore? Looking through feedback it appears she has a problem with communication & getting shipments out timely. I'm guessing English is not her first language.

    Wishing the best for you!
  7. Many thanks for advices :smile: Seller just emailed me today and said ( I copy his email ):

    [FONT=Arial, Verdana]cant remember when it was returned as we were havin a series of holidays..when the bag is resent i will inform u

    OH! He want me to wait till he back home? Even he doesn't know when he'll back.

    Mm, how many days I should give him before I escalate my PayPal dispute? I really don't see his effort to ship my LV even he still has my LV now!
  8. That is ridiculous I was going to tell you to wait a few days, sometimes post can be delayed but if item hasnt even shipped one month later escalate to claim immediately, good luck!
  9. Just do the dispute straight away, it's just not right and you should not have to put up with it. Don't feel bad.
  10. How do sellers think they can get away with that behavior?? He shipped to the wrong address?? Definitely file a claim TODAY! You have to protect yourself. That way the seller will have to prove he shipped your bag. You can always close the claim once the bag arrives.
  11. Hello Cindi, thanks for your advice :smile: I don't think he can provide shipment proof as he has not ship my bag yet and I've point it to PayPal.
  12. If he can't provide proof of shipping after a month I'm sure you will get your money back. Send along a copy of his e-mail to Paypal.