oh rockerchic................ check it out!

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  1. ^nice!

    nice price, too!
  2. :drool: on the Box leather.
  3. What a beauty!Love the price too!
  4. Did you pm her?
  5. Wow! Can't believe this hasn't sold straight away for the price. Thank goodness i can't do GH, LOL
  6. I am personally begging somebody to buy this.
    I cant do it and I need to see it gone.
    Its so pretty!!!!!
  7. ^^^Tell me about it!

    Haha - like I need another HAC...
  8. it really is one of the best bags ever, i hope a PF member buys it... soon!
  9. RC, where are you?????
  10. OMG, it is gorgeous!! but I already have a 32 with rh...was hoping for the gh to be a smaller dress bag--like a 28 or 30. what to do?????
  11. H, thanks so, so much for thinking of me. This is just a fantastic bag. I can't believe it is still available.
    Does anyone have the 28 but would prefer the 32?:graucho: we could do a switcharoo!
  12. BUY IT! What voice said that now?
    BUY IT
  13. Yikes NM....do you think so? even thoug I have the same in rh??? I have to get to work but I'm hyperventilating over here...
  14. Here i am with rh twin...do I need a gold too, or better to wait for the 28 for a dressier vibe with the gh???:confused1:
    bwscarf 002_1.jpg
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.