oh purleeezzzz!!!

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  1. *Bleh* :yucky:

    Definitely not "genuine". :nogood:

    Instead of making a thread post all the fakes in one of these threads below:

    ----> Report This LV <----

    ----> Post Fake LVs Here <----

    That way tPF'ers can report it to eBay and the auction can be removed. :tup:
  2. oops sorry:shame: still finding my way around all these different places
    great forum though :tup:
  3. thanks for the heads up! :welcome: tPF is a ton of fun, glad you can join us!
  4. i dunno about where u live but here in aus we dont but the bags with the wrapping on them, as if the boutiques would allow that. and whats with the stitching on the lining
  5. Sorry to correct you, but I'm from Australia as well and most of my bags has got plastic on the handles when I purchase them as my SAs know I'm anal. :yes:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.