Oh pls. help . . should I buy it now? (GST)

  1. Hello lovely Chanel enablers :smile: -- please help with your thoughts. I have been fence-sitting a bit on the GST, I really like it and think it is a classic bag, but I was trying to be a bit more restrained since 1Q '07 was a bit indulgent. :nuts: (Also, it was easy not to buy one since I couldn't find one anywhere!) I am in Hong Kong this week with my DH, and was in Chanel today, and there are ALL these bags (Cotton Clubs, PSTs, GSTs, etc) just looking at me. Calling my name. ;) The GST is a bit more $$ than in the states, it equates to about $1830. But, it is available, and PradaPsycho's post indicates it's about to go up again in price on 4/1. Would you go for it? I am torn. :shrugs: :confused1: thanks for any opinions! (p.s. it will have gold h/w, bought the perforated leather tote w/ silver this spring)
  2. Now will be a good time to buy it if you like it... I am on the fence too...
  3. That wasn't an indication. That was a concrete statement from Chanel during a phone conversation with their headquarters. (but they could have lied, I suppose. ;) )

    That being said, if you want it, now's the time. In 4-5 more days you could be paying a lot more than the $80 more it is in HK. How much they didn't say, but why chance it?

    Although if you're getting it in HK, wouldn't you have to pay customs taxes when you declare it? I'm not a traveler so I don't know how that works.
  4. You should get one!!!
  5. you could always buy it now and then return it if you change your mind? at least that way, you can get it before the price increase. if you change your mind later on, you'd have to pay more.....
  6. I Always Say ~ If You Not Sure. Maybe It's Not What You Want. You Maybe Totally Different. I Will Run To Get A Bag If It's What I Really Want. I Have, Ever Ran Because Of The Price Increases....Again, We Are All Different.
  7. Just an FYI...

    My SA said the GST will increase to $1895 USD on April 4th at the Saks store in MI.

    Unfortunately, they do not have any in stock at this time. Wouldn't you know it, they are expecting a shipment in April (post price hike) and they will be getting black, brown and red.

    The Medallion Tote is going up to $1895 as well. The PST is also having a price increase, but she's not sure if it's going to be $1395 or $1550.
  8. ^^^OUCH! I'm glad I got my medallion tote this month!
  9. ^^ you picked the right time of the year to have an anniversary :yes: and you picked a great present!! Thanks to all above for the thoughts . . . still on the fence but leaning away from the GST right now.
  10. If you're not sure, I say pass on it. You will know when you see the bag you just have to have!
  11. Good advice!:yes:
  12. Buy it. You may regret it later when the price goes up and/or it becomes more difficult to track down in the color combination that you prefer. If they have a selection to choose from you can buy exactly what you want now. Are you travelling? I love to buy bags when I travel so that I can look back fondly on the trip and the souvenir. :smile: Btw, DH bought a GST for me yesterday in beige with gold hardware and I was never a big fan before joining tPF but now I am sooooooo excited!!! :yahoo:
  13. ^^ Ginab17, congrats on the new bag! My coloring/clothes just looks better w/ black, but I think the beige with gold h/w is an absolutely beautiful bag :heart: -- enjoy it!
  14. So the medallion tote and the GST will be the same pricewise after Apr 1st?
  15. Personally i've found from personal experience if your not sure, or on the fence, don't do it! You will more that likely regret it and always compare it to the other bags you wanted at the time!
    Wait till something comes along and you LOVE it, that way you will forever love it!
    Good luck!