Oh, please please please! Help me find this bag!

  1. I was perusing ebags site and navigated to the J.J. Winters collection page at: http://www.ebags.com/j_j_winters/brand_search/index.cfm?brandid=10550

    Do you see that bordeaux/cognac, double-handled bag on the left? OMG! :nuts: I. Must. Have. It!

    But I cannot find it! I don't know the name of the bag, and ebags doesn't sell it even though they elusively dangle it in front of the customer. * sobs *

    I'd sure appreciate any leads on finding this bag!


  2. It looks like their Buckle handbag to me, just not in the same color:

  3. That's a beautiful bag! Very classy!
  4. It is a very classy looking bag. The leather looks good too.