Oh Please let me be making the right decision!!!

  1. I am hoping that I made the right decision... I just called David's Bridal to tell them I will not be starting tomorrow, as I am supposed to be.... Instead I am going to babysit for 9 hours a week :wtf: and attend real estate school while in college at 17.. Am I crazy or did I make a smart choice? :confused1:
  2. If you followed your gut instinct then you are making the right choice.

    Best of luck!!
  3. Without knowing what your true passions and goals are, it's hard to say....but you're never crazy if you stick to them.
  4. :tup: ITA ^^^
  5. I agree as well. You followed your heart and think of what you will be doing in the long run. I think you will have many more doors open to you now that you are pursuing your real estate license.

    Congrats to you for making a big decision and I hope all goes well!
  6. I agree. Do what your heart desires. You can always get another job but if it's your passion to do Real Estate - you're the right thing because you're doing it for you! =)
  7. Good luck, toxicgarden. No one here can say what's right, and I think you know that. If your heart tells you that retail sales wasn't going to move you ahead in your goals, then you made the right choice.