Oh Please help me decide on a Betty

  1. Well I have had my first Chloe, a gorgeous Paddy, for a week and a half. I just love her! But I have also realized that I MUST have a Betty. But I'm having a very hard time deciding between:

    1. A small Betty in Argent. It's gorgeous, but I think I've read here that metallics end up rubbing off and fading? Does that happen often or not so much if well taken care of?

    2. A large Betty in Flannelle/Dark Grey. I love it. Afraid it's a *little* on the big side, but I like large bags.

    3. A small black patent Betty. Enough said. Beautiful. I have a black patent bag, but it is quite different in style. Afraid it's a *little* on the small side. (I guess I'd like to have a medium one! But from what I gather, they are quite rare?)

    4. A small burgundy patent. Again, it's just beautiful!

    5. A large black. That's if I can find one. Missed the one on NM the other day because I hesitated.

    I keep making a decision and then changing my mind! I am probably leaning toward the flannelle because I think I'll love it for longer and use it more. But the other three small ones are really pulling at me too. WHat to do?!

    Any advice?

    Thank you thank you. And thank you for all the information here too. I've become addicted over the past two weeks or so! :heart:
  2. As a 'Betty lover', I can appreciate your decision making challenge. I must say that I saw the flannelle/dk. gray in person and it was beautiful. The patent is stunning also. Each one has it's own unique beauty. My suggestion would be to look at which one you would use the most and also what you already have, i.e. the black patent, and go from there.
    Personally, I would go for the large black or dk. gray for a 1st Betty. \
    This Chloe thing is addicting!!:yes:
  3. The metallic Betty definitely rubs. Love the patent bag!
  4. The patents are very striking. I've got the chocolate patent. It has a pretty burgundy/red undertone. I love it.
  5. I would vote for the small burgandy betty. I saw the black patent IRL just last week and I am sad to say, it looks very plasticy!! - the black makes it look a little cheap and shiny, whereas the other colours in patent just seem to work better. (jmo of course) In pictures it looks super cute, but not in real life!

    I also think the small betty is a good sized bag :smile:
  6. I'm with you on number 2.:yes:

    I'm not a huge fan of patent, tbh, though i have seen one or two patent Chloe bags that look pretty cool.:supacool:

    Without seeing pics, it's hard to decipher - but i'm definitely swinging towards number 2.;)
  7. Burgandy Patent leather is my vote.
  8. I have patent leather in chocolate, looks more like brownish wine color. I love the look.
  9. I'm in love with the flannelle one...it's just such a great colour! I vote for flannelle!
  10. Thanks so much everyone. I think I've decided on the flannelle, but maybe the burgundy. I also like the chocolate patent even more after hearing about it!

    I really appreciate your opinions, especially when you've seen the bag in person. There aren't any department stores near me that carry Chloe.

    Ilson, you crack me up - "...for a 1st Betty." Yeah, somehow I think I may end up with more than one! heehee. Yes, it seems to be addicting!

    Well, I just have to figure out how to get what I want now. There's a flannelle on eBay from a seller who seems to be trustworthy; there's one on NAP for full price. And there's that cute burgandy on eBay too...
  11. Suchagirl - I know there is a flannelle betty at the Chloe in California...the NY store doesn't have anymore...

    Please post when you get whichever one you decide on!

    I'm a Chloe virgin for now...can't wait to get my first one!
  12. If you like the Betty & a large bag the medium four pocket Betty is fabulous.
  13. Thanks Hue - maybe I'll call them tomorrow!

    BagAngel,the medium sounds PERFECT but I haven't seen one available. I'm still looking though :yes:

  14. Not sure if there are any NM's with a Last Call Sale going on, the one near me had the flannelle on markdown (around $700)--but the sale has ended here in FL, so making a few calls to different areas might pay off. I think I read in a thread that the DC area may be having a Last Call (??). Good luck, I know you'll end up with the perfect bag.
  15. I'm getting two! LOL!

    I couldn't find a flanelle that I wanted though I came very close to ordering a small one from Diabro. After reading of some bad experiences with them, decided not to. So I called a boutique that I read about in another thread and they had a satchel with the chain handle and pockets on the sides, in gris-vert. I think it's going to be gorgeous. The SA said it's a dark grey with a sort of vague green/blue undertone depending on the light. I looked at a picture of a gris vert Edith online and it's pretty.

    So then just now I checked the NM site and omg they have a dark red patent on sale. The standard small one, with pockets on the front. SO, I'm sure I'm going to love at least one of them. But because they really are quite different I might love them both.

    Can't wait to get them now!:yahoo: