Oh Please Help - It's really bad, and getting worse...

  1. Ladies - I started discussing this in GayleLV's thread about the authentic Gucci someone claimed was fake, because I've had an eerily similar experience, but I wanted to dedicate my own thread to it. Poor GayleLV has enough to deal with getting ready for her wedding....

    Here is the whole sad story. I am sorry if much of this sounds like rambling, but after finally putting 2 kids to bed, I've had a chance to digest everything, and I'm sobbing as I type this. I can't get over the fact that my good name has been slandered, and the fantastic feedback I've worked my a&$ off to get, is now tainted by this psycho....:cursing:

    Here goes.

    Never once has a bag of mine been questioned for authenticity, but I guess it was bound to happen at some point. I sold a Prada BR2995, a barrel-styled handbag (a style that's about 1.5 years old now, but still brand-new with tags - purchased at the outlets in Florence, Italy - Bluefly.com still has a few of them left).

    For background, let me say that I obtain merchandise two ways, (1) buy it myself at Saks, Outlets, etc., or (2) use one and only one Italian Importer with whom I've worked for years, and who guarantees all their merchandise to be authentic, and purchases directly from the outlets in Italy (where I've also made purchases). My hubby and I nearly accompanied he and his partner on their last buying trip to Florence, but we were 2 months from having our second child. So, I sent him a list of requests and a $$ limit, and one of the bags I was lucky enough to get was this Black Barrel Prada.

    So, this is back story to say that (and I don't know if I'm allowed to mention the importer here, or company, so I won't, but if anyone wants to know, I'm happy to tell them), I had no doubts whatsoever that the SIX-DIGIT FIGURE in inventory for my eBay store represented nothing but authentic merchandise.

    So, here's the email I got from the purchaser: [All the typos are his]

    "I have received the package yesterday thank you and shown it to my wife for her birthday. The bag looked good, but she told me right away that this bag is not from PRADA store on 57th street in Manhattan. She picked that up from the zipper being so hard and from the authenticity card not being the same from her many PRADAs that she has. I would still like to believe that the bag is authentic, but my wife would not listen. She accused me of trying to be cheap with her. I ended up buying her $3000 bag this morning and I just came bag from PRADA store.

    I am very sorry, but I have to return the bag for refunds. The bag is still the way you sent me and I will send you the same way (I am willing to pay for restocking fee if you want me to). I am very sorry. I just need the mailing address for the bags to be sent.

    I told you from the start that I trust you and I mean it. Problem is that we (my wife and I) even took the bag to the 57th Street and even the store clerk at the PRADA mentioned to us in front of 3 store clerks that none of their merchandises will be this hard to zip it up, and quite honestly, my wife and I looked like a fool in the PRADA store.

    I am the only one that believe the bag is real.
    One thing I can tell you is that other bags' zip were quite easy zip it up.

    I don't know what can I say?. . .

    Andy Matsuoka"

    So, I sent him an email saying,

    "If you question the authenticity of any item you purchase from me, you must take it to your local Prada store. You won't have any luck at department stores (Neiman Marcus, Saks, Macy's, etc.), because the sales staff is trained in salesmanship of general merchandise, and won't be able to identify authentic or counterfeit items as relates to specific designers. PLEASE NOTE: in order to process a return, I require a letter that states the item is not authentic and why. This letter must have the person who evaluated the item, (management or authenticity dept.), the store name, and the store's address and phone number so I am able to contact them directly. Since all my items are purchased directly from designer boutiques or outlets, I can guarantee they will confirm authenticity. Andy, you must understand that I cannot unilaterally and blindly accept a return on a question of authenticity when the merchandise is absolutely guaranteed to be authentic. It goes to my reputation as a retailer, and my professional integrity as a lawyer. Therefore, I absolutely require you to follow the above procedure."

    It gets better....

    I get home this evening, and I have a paypal dispute waiting for me, wherein he states the following:

    "The item I received from this Seller turned out to be an imitation according to the PRADA store, as many things are missing/altered/stained (in my alternative argument is that the item was also not NEW as it promised) First, Certificate of Authenticity being altered or not the same as others. Second, Zipper not being able to Zip it up smoothly as this is the first sign of imitation/irregular product. Third, there was a smudge on the bag as this is clearly an indication of it not being new. The auction stated the bag was new, and I would have not purchased a used bag as this was a gift. Seller has requested certificate of authenticity from a store, I have contacted Neimen Marcus, Saks, and Bloomingdales, these stores do not offer this certificate for any prada bag since this bag was not purchased from them. I have contacted this seller on many occasions and requested a refund. I have even offered to pay restocking fee, however there is no response from the seller. How can a seller sell a product which is not BRAND NEW as stated in the ebay auction. Ebay regulations state that a refund will be given if the item was not as described/promised by the Seller. The Seller has clearly made an intentional misrepresentation of fact as this is against E-Bay sellers policy. The Item was neither BRAND NEW nor AUTHENTIC as promised."

    Okay, as I pick myself up off the floor, I think, "does he not know how to read? Did I just tell him not to take it to the department stores, but get a letter from Prada? Second, a SMUDGE??? ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR FREAKING MIND??!?! Third, seller has NO RESPONSE?? I"VE SENT YOU 3 EMAILS TODAY OUTLINING THE PROCEDURE?!?!

    I literally sent my husband a voicemail after this whole thing hit saying, "I have a good mind to just close my whole freakin' store." I am so sick of this crap. He's told me to stick to my guns.

    I am tired of fighting, but know I'm right. He's gotten a copy of my invoice, spoken directly with the importer, the bag had all the appropriate care cards, authenticity card, ID card, and price tag (in Euros, of course, because it was purchased in Italy), and was spotless. For God's sake, there were 14 pictures in the auction itself! Everything from the tight, neat stitching to a close-up of the control/authenticity/care cards! I am literally sick to my stomach over the whole thing, and now, I have a NASTY hit of negative feedback to tarnish what was a previously spotless reputation.

    To make matters worse? In my attempt to leave feedback for him, I got all the wording out, but hit "positive" instead of "negative" because I was so worked up over the whole thing.

    I am still crying....:crybaby: Does anyone have any advice? :wtf:

    What do I do now???
  2. You need to send ALL email correspondece, pictures, etc etc etc to: rswebhelp@ebay.com and to paypal. I cant find a direct email addy for them, but here is their phone number http://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_contact-phone

    Tell them you are being scammed by this person and here is your proof (emails, photos, etc etc).

    I would do it immiediately too.

    Best of luck and keep us updated!!
  3. ruemode...so sorry to hear about this. Send all your rebuttal information to paypal and they will investigate the dispute. I hope this works out well for you - please keep us posted.
  4. Oh thank you thank you thank you. I had no idea that was even an option - and why would I, I guess? I mean, nothing like this has ever happened to me before! I'm doing it right now.....
  5. omg..so sorry this has happened to you. I can't believe some people on ebay
  6. Ok - so PayPal is telling me everything has to be done online. I can't get a live person to talk to me about this - I'm being directed to the dispute resolution center on PayPal. In case you guys are interested, here is my response (it sounds a bit lawyerly, but I can't help it! I didn't spend 7 years in school for nuthin!)

    Buyer's accusations amount to libel, and I have reason to believe he is engaging in fraud by attempting a bait and switch. My support for the absolutely baseless accusations he’s leveled are as follows:

    (1) Buyer admits to me in an email of today, 3/29/07, that he believes the bag is authentic. However, he remarked, “The bag looked good, but she [wife] told me right away that this bag is not from PRADA store on 57th street in Manhattan [a claim I as the seller never made]…[my wife] accused me of trying to be cheap with her. I ended up buying her $3000 bag this morning.” This is a case of buyer’s remorse, and nothing more.
    (2) Absolutely nothing as concerns this handbag has been altered, stained or is missing. These are patent falsehoods. The certificate of authenticity indicates it was purchased in Europe, NOT the U.S. The zipper is a non-sequitur. How is the ease of its use relative to the authenticity of the bag? Third, a “smudge” on the bag indicates it was used? I find this hard to believe, as the bag had all its requisite paperwork. Yes, at some point, human hands have touched the bag – that would probably account for the smudge. To say it represents a “used” handbag is specious.
    (3) My return policy, carefully and articulately outlined in my store, and to which buyer agreed by purchasing this bag, requires a letter NOT FROM A DEPARTMENT STORE, as they are not trained in authentication, but from a PRADA boutique. I outlined this procedure CLEARLY in my MANY emails to buyer today, but he refused to obtain a letter from Prada, and went allegedly instead to department stores which, not surprisingly, refused to authenticate any bags.
    (4) I have sent no fewer than 3 emails to buyer today alone (3/29), again and again requesting he obtain a letter from an authorized Prada boutique relative to the bag’s authenticity – a service Prada provides for a nominal fee. He has refused to follow this procedure. Yet he asks me to take him at his word that he was “embarrassed” in front of 3 salesclerks at the Prada boutique in Manhattan by the claim that the bag was inauthentic.
    (5) Buyer has received a copy of my invoice for the purchase of the bag, and has spoken directly with the Italian importer from whom I purchased the bag, and who purchased the bag directly from the Prada outlet in Florence, Italy. The importer also authenticated the bag, and offered additional information relative to its authenticity, which the buyer refused to receive.
    (6) My feedback on eBay is replete with positive commentary, and affirmations of authenticity on bags from Fendi, to Chloe to Prada. Not ONCE has a handbag of mine ever been questioned as to its authenticity. The burden of presumption lies in my favor – a paypal & squaretrade verified powerselling member, not with someone who’s eBay record indicates they’ve never purchased a handbag on eBay before.
  7. He knows how to read, he just probably forgot to change the form letter.

    And I bet the bag does have a smudge on it now.

    By tomorrow, it may have been ripped in half by cheetahs and soaked in Spaghetti-Os, details which you failed to mention in the description.
  8. Very thorough--the whole ebay/paypal thing can be so frustrating. I used to sell retired Longaberger on ebay, but no longer do so b/c of the headaches it caused. I'm sure it will be resolved in your favor, but it is frustrating!! Just try to keep it in perspective. Good luck!

  9. OMG, that kind of situations are so scary. The sad thing is that your feedback/reputation could get stained. What a sad deal. Hope it all works out for you!!
  10. Omg rue, I am SO sorry this hell is happening to you too!!! This is exactly the same, but altered due to the sellers reasons and bags and all but..still. God, I am so, so, so sorry and you do NOT deserve to go through this. Nobody does! I actually can FEEL your pain now too...I've cried with my situation too! It breaks you so down to see these "people" doing this to honest ones. I swear I'm thinking....What the hell is this, a trend now??!!!!!! Maybe they all freakin' know each other and are drinking maitai's now laughing about us. It's insanity. It's to the point where I trust not a SOUL outside tPF!

    *hugs* Good luck and let's stay updated on both our misfourtunes.

  11. Oh Thanks, GayleLV! I feel for you with your upcoming wedding - I know it's the last thing you want to deal with right now. I don't know what happens in the world these days, I swear. It amazes me that either (1) he's attempting a bait and switch, or (2) his wife is that much of a b$&%h that she's is insulted by a $1,200 Prada, and needs a $3,000 one instead because he's "trying to be cheap with her." In which case, I guess he's already gotten his punishment....
  12. You mean he was punished by actually agreeing to marry her in 1st place I'm gathering.....if not, then that's my take! lol!!

    But, yeah..it IS stressful and the wedding is consuming me so much. My fiance has been going through all of this with me too, so he's feeling it too. But...basically, I need to keep a clear, smart head. I have to remain focused on this and realize..wait, I'm getting married! This is a happy time and I'm not going to let this one get to me with all this drama and bulls**t. I have to take it day by day and just cover myself too. I too, want name, # of someone at the boutiques WITH a picture of the bag I SENT her being with them and shown why it's wrong, along with an official letter w/ thier letterhead on it stating what it wrong in writing.

    It really angers me when we BOUGHT these from thier respectful, rightful authentic stores and then get challeneged. It makes me so angry and makes you really never want to trust again.

    I wish you all the luck with your situation. I hope both of ours pans out alright and in our favor because we have done nothing wrong at all. And if godforbid ever, the authentic places we got them from DUPED us (thats NOT possible but god, with all this a million things run through your mind while stressed and crying), then we are STILL victims and STILL did nothing wrong. :sad:
    *more hugs*
  13. Thanks, GayleLV. I am in the process of editing my rebuttal on paypal. Seems like I'm WAY over the 2000 character limit, and unfortunately, I'm having to pare down what I think is a slam-dunk argument. I am MOST hurt by the negative feedback. I could just scream. How DARE he? Now I think this whole little business of mine is going to suffer. Makes me wonder why I started it in the first place.....
  14. OMG I am so sorry this is happening to you I hope all turns out well.
  15. :sad: im so sorry!!!! keep us posted stand your ground DO NOT let those scummies get away with anything!